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Hollywood Computer Viruses


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The Matrix

Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving, is the quintessential computer virus movie star.

In the first Matrix film, Smith is an AI program designed to keep order within the system.

He later fees himself from The Machine's control and becomes a "renegade program", effectively turning into a self-replicating computer virus.


Independence Day

How do you save the world from aliens? Write a computer virus!

In Independence Day, Jeff Goldblum's character carries a virus into the alien mothership on an Apple laptop and uploads it to their system.

And here we were thinking Apple products weren't even compatible with other forms of human technology.



Here at news.com.au, we like to work Skynet into as many technology stories as possible.

We're not sure it's technically a virus, but it's definitely malicious. Just look at those shifty Terminator eyes!



In Swordfish, computer hacker Stanley Jobson, played by Hugh Jackman, is recruited to create a virus that will steal billions of dollars from a government fund.

Later he creates another computer virus to move the money around to stop his recruiter getting access to it.



Hollywood loves a far-fetched plot, but this one's out there even for them.

In Pulse, a computer virus connects a portal between the land of living and the realm of the dead.

This farcical cyber-romp has more bad science than an episode of Babylon Five.



So bad it's good... almost. Hackers follows a group of teenage computer nerds as they try to outwit the creator of the Da Vinci computer virus.

In the film, Da Vinci was created to capsize a mineral company's oil tanker fleet to provide a distraction while it skimmed money from their account.


The Lawnmower Man

In The Lawnmower Man, Jobe Smith, played by Jeff Fahe, is used by a scientist to test intelligence-enhancing drugs and virtual reality technology.

After turning on the scientist, Jobe abandons his body and transforms himself into pure data. He then has to battle a computer virus within the research company's mainframe to escape.



In the futuristic world of Surrogates, humans live in isolation, only interacting through the use of remote controlled robots called "surrogates".

Everyone is safe all the time, until someone figures out how to infect the surrogates with a virus disabling the safeguards that shield their operators from harm.

We like to call this movie an "anti-Facebook" film, in that the moral of the story is: "For God's sake, go outside and get some sun."


Office Space

The film loved by IT workers around the world follows three friends who, fed up with their jobs, decide to exact revenge on a software company.

They create a malicious program to skim fractions of cents from transactions and collect them in a bank account.

Shenanigans occur when a misplaced decimal point makes the virus steal more than $300,000 on the first day.


The Recruit

In The Recruit, James Clayton, played by Colin Farrell, is recruited to spy on a mole trying to steal a computer virus from the CIA.

The film has more twists and turns than a knotted shoelace. We get confused just reading the Wikipedia page.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/gallery-e6frflwi-1225986506852?page=10

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I just started downloading Swordfish the other day, I haven't seen it yet but I think I am gonna love it.

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die hard 4.0?

If you asked me what would be the best hacking movie, I would say Hackers and Die 4.0

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Its not necessarily hacking movies per say, but the Millennium series is awesome. They include the movies "The girl with the dragon tattoo", "The girl who played with fire", and "The girl who kicked the hornets nest". Way more realistic in terms of hacking and computer security, but aside from what little hacking was in the movies, they are just excellent films as crime drama/mysteries. Swordfish was ok, but best part about it was just seeing Halle Berry topless. The hacking was even more fake than the movie Hackers, and was a bit more of an over the top action film than computer hacking and in some ways, less entertaining the the movie Hackers.

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I still maintain that this flick is one of the best little hacker/virus movies i've seen.


I've seen that film. It was ok for an indie film, but far from great.

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