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Friend Is Selling His Video Game Collection ...


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What you are Looking at is 30 years worth of gaming collected by myself. I have recently decided to sell all of my vintage game collection, and Im giving one lucky person the opportunity to own everything that took me years to collect, in one fell swoop! This is a once in a life time opportunity! Do not miss out.

You will have the following systems, games and accessories for this auction.

Atari 2600(wood trim), 2 Joysticks, connects to any cable ready TV, power source, Track Ball, 4 tennis paddles, power source.

GAMES: Asteroids, Space invaders, Surround, Boxing, Missile Command, Circus, Fishing Derby, haunted house, Lazer blast, Kaboom, Ms Pacman, Maze craze, Defender, Combat, Dragster, Yars revenge

Atari 7800, 2 Joysticks, and power source GAMES: (SEE 2600)

Atari Lynx, (portable handheld IN BOX) with power source.

GAME: California games

Atari Jaguar (IN BOX), Controller, power source, RF connection.

GAMES: Cyber Morph, Checkered Flag (INBOX), Zool 2

Nintendo Entertainment System, 2 controllers, RF connector, power source.

GAMES: Urban Champion, Super mario bros/Duck Hunt, Win lose or draw, Wood, Water, n Rage, Ghostbusters, Rad Racer, Metal gear, Metal gear 2 Snakes Revenge, Tag Team Wrestling, Double Dribble, Top Gun, Top Gun 2, Pro wrestling, Strider, Friday 13th, Street Fighter 2010, MachRider, Legend Of Zelda, Legend of Zelda 2, Kung Fu, WWF Wrestlemania, Excite Bike, Spy Hunter, Castlevania Simons quest, Super Mario bros 3.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Controller, RF connector, power source

GAME: Power Rangers

Nintendo Virtual Boy, Battery pack, controller.

GAME: Mario Tennis

Nintendo 64 (IN BOX), 2 controllers, AV cable, power source, Rumble pack, memory card.

GAMES: WCW/nWo Revenge, Perfect Dark, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire, WCW Mayhem.

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Limited edition NES version (IN BOX) Leather cover, power source, GBA MP3 player, GBA/Gamecube cable.

GAMES: Max Payne, Pokemon Emerald, Kingdom Hearts CoM, Astroboy, Street fighter alpha 3, WWE survivor series, Prince of Persia Sands of time, Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Sacred stones, Mario Kart super circuit, Sonic X(video) Shrek(Video) Shrek 2(Video) TMNT(Video)

Nintendo Gamecube, Memory card, Gameboy Advance player, 4 controllers, 1 wavebird controller, power source, AV cables

GAMES: Chaos Field, Fire Emblem path of radiance, Donkey Konga(with Bongo controller), Donkey Konga 2, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Custom Robo, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Virtua Quest, Animal Crossing, Prince of persia sand of time, Prince of persia warrior within, Prince of persia Two thrones, Soul Calibur 2, Resident Evil zero, Resident evil, resident evil 2, resident evil 3, resident evil code veronica, Resident evil 4, NBA street V3, Pikmin, Pikmin 2, P.N.0.3, Megaman anniversary collection, Final Fantasy Crystal chronicles, Eternal Darkness, Space Raiders, Star Wars rouge squadron 2 Rogue leader, Star wars Rebel strike, Sonic Heroes, WWE Wrestlemania XIX, Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2, 1080 Avalanche, Super mario Sunshine, Wave race blue storm, Super smash Bros Melee, Starfox Assault, Tales of symphonia, XII, Xmen Legends, WWE day of reckoning, True crime streets of LA, Mario Kart Double dash, F-Zero GX, Legend of Zelda four swords, Legend of zelda Collectors edition, Tomb Raider Legend, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, R Racing evolution, Geist, Ikaruga, Killer 7. Fight Night round 2(with super punch out)

Nintendo Gameboy Micro(IN BOX), 3 faceplates, power source.GAMES:(See GBA)

Nintendo DS Lite (IN BOX), Carry case, Power source.

GAMES: Kirbys Canvas curse, Super princess Peach, Nanostray, Jam sessions, New super mario bros DS, Metroid prime hunters, Metroid prime Pinball, Castlevania dawn of sorrows, Animal Crossing wild word, Mario Kart DS, Tetris DS, Club Nintendo Game N Watch collection(RARE SEALED NOT SOLD IN STORES), Star fox Command, Scribblenauts, Pokemon Diamond, Meteos, Sonic Rush, Trace memory, Electroplankton(NOT SOLD IN STORES), Ridge Racer DS, Advance Wars Dual Strike, Advance wars Days of Ruin. Feel the magic, Goldeneye rogue agent, Brain Age, Starwars episode 3, Legend of zelda Phantom hourglass, Resident Evil Deadly Silence, Polarium, Super mario 64 DS, True swing Golf, Asphalt Urban GT.

Sega Master System, 2 controller, Zapper, RF adapter, Power source.

GAMES: Black Belt, Marksman shooting/trap, Double dragon,, Space harrier.

Sega Genesis, Sega CD. Sega 32x, 2 controllers, power sources, Rf/AV hookups

GAMES:(GENESIS) Wrestlemania the arcade game, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic And Knuckles, Sonic 3d blast, Sonic Spinball, Frogger, Young Indiana jones instruments of chaos, Pacman 2 the new adventures, Arcade classic collection, Space Invader 91, Genesis 6 pac Golden axe/revenge of shinobi/streets of rage/Sonic/Super hang on/Columns, Ms Pacman, Boxing legends of the ring, High impact Football.(SEGA CD)Rock paintings, Colors of Modern Rock, Sherlock Holmes, Sega classic arcade collection, Star Wars rebel assault, Night trap, Batman Returns, SOL-Feace, Sherlock Holmes V11, Double switch, Batman and Robin, WWF rage in the cage, Eternal Champions, Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic CD. (32X) Star Wars shadow squadron.

Sega Game Gear (RARE BLUE VERSION) Power source

GAMES: SpiderMan/Xmen, Sonic 2, Road Runner Nightmare speed trap

Sega Nomad(portable genesis), power source games, carry case. Games(See Genesis)

Sega Saturn, Controller, 2 analog controllers, AV cable, Power cable.

GAMES: Sampler disc, Daytona USA, Mortal Kombat 2, Madden 97, Virtua Cop, Nights into dreams sampler, OffWorld, NHL97, Cyberia, Resurrection Rise 2, PGA tour 97.

Sega Dreamcast, 4 controllers, Rumble packs, VMU(memory card) power cable, AV cable.

GAMES: Shenmue, Sega Smash Pack, ECW anarchy rulez, Coaster works, Jet Grind Radio, Hydro Thunder, Aero Wings, World series Baseball 2k2, WWF royal Rumble, Marvel VS Capcom 2, Sonic Shuffle, Tennis 2k2, Starwars episode 1 racer, Sonic adventure 2, NFL2k, Alien Front Online, Dino Crisis, Evil Dead Hail to the king, Internet browser disc.

TurboGrafx 16 (IN BOX), 3 controllers(IN BOX), Turbo Tap (INBOX) Turbo stick (INBOX) power source.

GAMES: Fighting Street aka Street Fighter 1, Bonks Adventure, Keith Courage, Space Harrier, R-Type, Military Madness, Dungeon Explorer.

Panasonic 3DO, Power source, AV cable, controller.

GAMES: Twisted, Sample Disc, Pebble Beach golf, Gex, The Need For Speed, Fifa International soccer.

Phillips/Magnavox CD-i, AV cable, Power source, Controller.

GAMES: BurnCycle, Palm springs open golf, Pinball, Voyeur, International Tennis open, lawn mower man, Visit to sesame street, Crayon Factory, City on a farm, HOTEL MARIO, LINK FACES OF EVIL, ZELDA WAND OF GAMELON.

Neo Geo AES(Japanese import works in US), Arcade stick, Rare handheld controller, power source.

GAMES: Samurai Spirits (Shodown), Fatal Fury Special.

Neo Geo Pocket Color(blue camoflauge), Rumble speaker charger.

GAMES: Fatal Fury pocket, Metal Slug 2nd mission, Samurai shodown pocket.

N GAGE, (Works with ATT cellphone provider if you want to use it as a cell phone, works without activation with cell company), Charger.

GAMES: Tomb Raider, Collin Mcrae rally.

Sony Playstation, AV cable, 2 controllers, Power cable, Memory card.

GAMES: Grand theft auto, GTA 2, GTA London, Italian Job, C-12 Final resistance.

Sony Playstation 2, AV cable, controller, Power cable, Vertical stand, Memory Card.

GAMES: God of War, God of war 2, Transformers, Getaway, Getaway 2, Shinobi, Nightshade, Final fantasy X, Final fantasy X-2, Killzone, Capcom Fighting Evolution.

Sony Playstation Portable(IN BOX), Memory Card, Screen cover, Carry case, power source.

GAMES: Darkstalkers, Lumines. MOVIES: Spiderman 2, house of flying daggers, Appleseed, Airforce one, Steamboy.

XBOX, AV cables, 3 controllers,GAMES:Shenmue 2, Sega GT 2002/Jet set radio future, Showdown Legends of wrestling, GTA3, Vicecity, Sanandreas, Halo2, Multiplayer pack, Halo, Star wars knights of the old republic, Starwars knights of the old republic 2, Samurai showdown V, Matrix path of Neo, Max payne 2, Panzer dragoon orta, Crimson skies, Evil dead fistful of boom stick, Fable, Enter the matrix.

As an added Bonus Im throwing in a Samus Aran Statue from first four figures with the box!. They are EXTREMELY LIMITED she is numbered very low in production at 0328 the statue is worth about 200 dollars and I'm throwing it in for FREE to the winner.. All Items in the auction were tested at least once in my possession and all powered on fine. alot are still in their boxes or in their original cases. everything is sold as is beacuse of the sheer size of this collection, The only reason I'm Selling everything is because I NEED the money right now to pay off years of stacked on Debt..., and as hard as it is for me to do I decided on letting go of everything to someone that would appreciate these items the way I have over the last 30 years.

YOU WONT FIND ANOTHER COLLECTION LIKE THIS ANYTIME SOON DO NOT MISS OUT!!! Shipping will be Included in the final Bid!!! Payment should be made As soon as the auction is over, because of the large size of this collection shipping will happen within 5-8 Business days of received payment Via UPS.

Good Luck To All And thank you for taking a look at this incredible oppurtunity! :)

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Very impressive, if it was a DVD collection I would join the bidding since I am not much of a gamer, not that much appealing to me.

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There are only 3 days left, and he's already at $3,150.00.

I think that bid is gonna increase in the last minutes or so.

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