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Mr. Stuky

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This isn't a particularly busy forum. There could be any thing from 2 to 10 new topics posted when I'm sleeping (any time now (0:45) to 9:00 - 12:00) and a flurry of topic replies. If you want a busy forum, the steam and battlenet forums are insane.

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I am also a member of another forum and the forums in there can almost go inactive for quite sometime. I guess it all depends on the type of forums they are and the type of topics introduced.

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When the USB Multi-pass project first kicked off, there were a whooooole bunch of new people registering and posting, but it's kind of died down along with the hype. The thing is, more people doesn't always mean a better forum... It's the content and knowledge that counts. I'd rather have it the way it is than have a bunch of people asking how to turn on their routers or configure their email.

Also, I doubt a "market place" would ever really take off.

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