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How many domains do you have an what are they?

frozen-security.net - Used to be a forum

voolge.com - Parking it with google for $$

coolminibananas.com - My games site.

...private ...has a http botnet on it don't wanna say

I had microsoftproductkeys.com ...now I am kicking myself for selling it for so low. ..25$ (fail) 9but I got it free ..so)

Coming soon-

*Removed bc I bought it and didn't get privacy*


and anything I can park for $$

So tell me forums what are your domains and domain ideas?

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I used to own a domain called tpodi.net, it used to cover everything from IT to hacking to repairing a computer but no longer have it. I will be soon signing up with dyndns and creating a subdomain called intriltrator.dynalias.net.

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i own scorpion54.co.uk - a few programs that i've built

zombiepcs.co.uk - computer repair company for a salisbury,england area

-hidden-- - a testing site plus my sql server and for a special program i built. (not on scorpion54)

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I own vickiwong.co.uk

also have a friend selling the following :






Damn you are hot! how much do you want to sell the sexforum domain for.

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