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  1. Ok so I fixed that issue now can someone copy me everything from under config dhcp lan in /etc/config/dhcp I fail at vi and fucked that up.
  2. I did this - uci set network.lan.ipaddr= uci set network.lan.gateway= uci set network.lan.dns= uci commit network And it seems I can't SSH into my pineapple anymore ?
  3. I'm really new to this but I think you guys are having trouble understanding one an other. So allow me to try (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) OP- Lets say Noob1 connected to an open AP and saved it. In the same area Noob2 connected to an encrypted AP and saved it. These are the only AP each have saved. Noob1's laptop will try to connect to it's saved unencrypted AP and the FON will say "that's me" but Noob2's laptop wont because the saved network it has is encrypted. Now if Noob3 has both of these AP's it will connect to your fon as if your FON was the unencrypted connection. Again I"m new to this and I only picked that up off what Mr/ P was saying if I'm wrong please call me out on it.
  4. Just got my Pineapple in today and I am having trouble finding a guide showing me how to start using it that is 100% noob friendly.
  5. IceGuru

    Ircd Help :/

    I wanna buy an IRC for my forum here - http://monetizingforum.com/ So my users can chat on but I have never run an IRC before so i don't know how to setup bots and jazz ... nothing much just something what will respond to simple keywords and every 15 minutes or so say check out the forum (insert link here) I really wanna just get a VPS and host the site vent and irc all at once but I don't have enough linux knowledge. (every tut I find is outdated or half way though I run into a problem and the page can't talk to me. PM me if you want my MSN.
  6. I purchased a few more ...two of which aren't private so I won't say till they are. but I can say I bought permaclan.com
  7. Long story short. I have a 4gb USB (soon to be 8GB) and I want to boot linux (http://www.netinfinity.org/) off of it but I want my settings to save from comp to comp. Like I can save a picture onto the flash drive and change my keyboard layout then go to another computer enter bios boot the flash and have the same settings. Possible ?
  8. How many domains do you have an what are they? frozen-security.net - Used to be a forum voolge.com - Parking it with google for $$ coolminibananas.com - My games site. ...private ...has a http botnet on it don't wanna say I had microsoftproductkeys.com ...now I am kicking myself for selling it for so low. ..25$ (fail) 9but I got it free ..so) Coming soon- *Removed bc I bought it and didn't get privacy* permaclan.com and anything I can park for $$ So tell me forums what are your domains and domain ideas?
  9. Password is "trustyourtechnolust" - Thats the cmd prompt pass not the .zip I know I am not trusted but I am to lazy to upload the source right now so here is the bin which I uploaded to share on another forum ... it's puny anyways... (better than daren :P [jk]) For those times where you need a quick CMD prompt window and your office/school has it block. While you know you can get around it ..is it really worth the time? DL- http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?yz3ghtvohjv To lazy to scan V2 but here is v1's scan- http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/75880f5...8f61-1273705465
  10. Is there any age limit ? I am 16 am I allowed to go :/ ...I always wanted to.
  11. I get a list .. Would have been nice to just turn my comp on and it always boot windows unless I hit a key .. :/ (without waiting 10 seconds)
  12. I used my whole 250 Gb D drive for it :/ I got a CD with my first time ubuntu book because I was to lazy to burn a .iso myself so i bought a 40$ book with it .... sounded right
  13. I have found those links but the first program doesn't find ext3 and others won't find my d drive ...I didn't partition I put it on my second HDD
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