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Remote *nix Shell(s)


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I have recently acquired a decent amount of semi-old networking and server hardware. As a summer project, I am playing with the idea of setting up a free, remote Linux/BSD shell service using this hardware. The service would be as open as possible, allowing ssh tunneling, irc, etc, as long as it was not abused.

So my question is, would the community be interested in such a service, or should I look for a different use for this equipment?


Service is now online. See http://theowned.net/ for more information.

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Also can you clarify on how you mean "abused"?

Alias: I wouldn't mind ssh tunneling or light downloading. Abuse would be anyone trying to hack one of the servers, downloading blatantly illegal material (child porn, etc), or anything of this nature. I plan on having an actual list available on the site as well as printed in the motd.

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I would be interested in this. By actual list do you mean what is and isn't acceptable?


Finals are over as of last week, so I have a bit of spare time now. I plan on setting up the initial site and server this week. I'll post back with more details once I have something up and running.

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I am interested too, just out of curiosity what type of internet connection are you are getting or planning in using to offer these services.

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It would be a nice thing to do, be aware that monitoring usage and traffic can be difficult. For example, files can be encrypted before storage, making their contents completely unknown. Generally, free shell hosts focus on limiting the resources consumed, so that no one account can take up too much disk space, network bandwidth, cpu usage, or memory.

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