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  1. On the left in that picture is the Teensy Loader, not the Arduino IDE. If you didn't I suggest you delete everything then follow my tutorial. If you did, close everything, run the IDE and start my tutorial from step 3.
  2. Using Windows 7 to code the payloads doesn't really make a difference. You might need to tweak the payloads a bit though if the "target" is using win7. Edit -- Take a look at my -basic- tutorial on the wiki here
  3. And not everyone visits the forums ;)
  4. You won't be able to reprogram normal USB's as they normally store stuff as read only...
  5. If your willing to buy it, Nero. It might have a free trial :)
  6. Well, if you use an SD card, and it shows up correctly on the Android, you could just stick the files you want to run on that. You wouldn't have to reprogram the card
  7. Why would you want to disable the monitor...
  8. Can't you make another header file then redefine them and include it in your app (and delete the original)?
  9. Whats the largest card they are compatible with? 1, 2, 4gb?
  10. It leads to a secret video!!!
  11. Does she know that your onto her? If she doesn't, you could pose as an interested buyer and try to make her do it again.
  12. Access should only be given to people you think won't abuse it, and there should be clear rules set out :)
  13. I know you can practically mod everything to put it in, but you can say you want to show them a picture on your "mini photo frame", it does it's stuff, and when the card reading/writing is finished, you can have it open up an explorer with some "decoy" pictures.
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