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wetelectric got PWND hahaha


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The word yaoi is derived from the first syllables of each word in the expression, "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi," which means "no peak, no point, no meaning,†and originally referred to badly drawn self-published fan comics (doujinshi). Later, it came to be used for doujinshi with sexual pairings between two males. In Japan today, it is mainly used to point to the sex scenes of a manga or to doujinshi with male/male content. In the West, Yaoi has become a catchall term to indicate any story that includes a male/male relationship and is linked to Japan, be it commercial manga, anime, games, game-based slash fiction, English-language fan fiction, fan art, etc.
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Guest zacharygriggs
he did :P google images

and its also referenced as BL...Boy Love haha

omg that should come with a warning, omfg that is nasty

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the real question here is how does melodic know what it is, iv never heard of it untill know. Are you trying to tell us something melodic :roll:

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