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Replacing Capacitors


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Ok, I have this motherboard that has 2 blown capacitors and one that was about to blow, before the computer stopped working, I need to know if I replaced the capacitors if the motherboard would work again. The blown capacitors look similar to these: http://www.imagef1.net.nz/files/P2111144.jpg however just a lot worse.

Heres the information I got off of one of them:

1500uf 10v


RXA 105oC


if you can replace them would this capacitor work?: http://cgi.ebay.com/10V-1500uF-Radial-Capa...1QQcmdZViewItem

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They demonstrate the replacing of capacitors on a MoBo in Infonomicon 8.

Look here:


RoHS stands for Reduction of Hazardous Substances. It's the one attribute you really don't have to worry about.

It's uf and voltage that matter in picking a suitable replacement. And polarity of the thing when installing it.

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Ran into the problem once, but it was for a board to be used in a machine for my sis. She lives quite a ways away from here, so if it were to die on her due to my bad soldering she's out of a computer for a couple days. And so, I opted to just get her a new Mobo. Only cost like 30 euros so no biggie.

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When your MoBo dies on you and your capacitors are visibly bulging at the top, if anything you've got a likely culprit. True, something else on the MoBo might have been taken down with it, but if you want to try and salvage it with a quick fix, this would be the first thing to try. If it works, you've saved yourself around 50 bucks depending on the mobo. If it didn't, it only cost you 10 bucks or so to find out, and you've taught yourself a thing or two about soldering a MoBo which is a worthwhile thing in and of itself. :)

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Erm well do have a look on google because there were lawsuits a while back over Aerogel capacitors and the manufactures had to take back the dead boards and fix them at no charge (USA only - the lawsuit never did get taken up in the UK... I blamed my wife for years for killing an old PC then a year later I find the details of the Aerogel problem and the lawsuit lol)

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