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  1. I don't have any problems with the Arch package manager sometimes if you search for a package it can take 15 seconds or so to find everything, but theres no wait to install something it starts downloading immediately.
  2. I used to use gentoo but i switched to Arch, Its not complicated at all, its very simple, much more so than gentoo. the configuration files and scripts in /etc are very simple and put together well. After using this I havent tried any other distros.
  3. the hotfixes show up in ad/remove programs, try that.
  4. use a dos boot floppy with NTFS-4-DOS or a bartpe cd.
  5. dirty D

    Do you code?

    I like the idea of us all working on a project together. The only language that i completely know is C. ive never been into making GUIs so it serves me well, i like getting into the nitty gritty low level stuff. If we're going to work on a project im in but i think it would be hard to get organized.
  6. dirty D

    vnc again

    thats what tightvnc does when you connect to yourself on windows youre not supposed to, connect from somewhere else.
  7. in the Device section the line reading Driver "vesa" should be Driver "fglrx"
  8. no, if you have another partition mounted at /DATA or /home or whatever you can format the root partition without losing the data on the other partition.
  9. dirty D


    If you are still learning c++ i wouldnt use visual C++ because it has code completion, which sounds good but then you wont have the parameters of functions and fields in structures memorized because you dont need to.
  10. i made two simple little programs to allow you to login to your machine with an encrypted X session. this is how it works: normally because of the way the XDMCP protocol works you cant tunnel the session through ssh this is because when you login to a remote X session your X server sends a UDP query packet to the X display manager on the remote machine and it sends some shit back to authenticate and stuff and after all that the X display manager on the remote machine connects by TCP to the addresss that sent the UDP query packet(you) to start the remote X session, you can see the problem wit
  11. uhh is this gonna say guest too? yea me^... my dirty
  12. the ultimate boot cd does have full ntfs capabilities. this one http://www.ubcd4win.com/
  13. you could do it from a windows live cd like the ultimate boot cd or bart pe or you could try running regedit.exe in wine on linux, i cant remember if regedit allows you to choose the .reg file to open though.
  14. yea permenant magnets would be easy but i dont know about the cost
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