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  1. Ok, I will post it here once I sit down and take the time to write it, hopefully within the next week or so
  2. As far as i know there is no boot menu key, one isnt displayed but I didn't rent that computer this year so its not that important to me right now
  3. Ok thanks eveyone, actually i was going to write it and sign it as one of my parents but actually I think this way would be better if I did it with my name, then also gave her contact information for my parents in case she needed to contact them
  4. Actually, there is a super high secuirty BIOS password and removing the CMOS battery wont clear it, the only way people have found to clear it is to short the pins on the motherboard, even teh default "dell" bios password doesnt work, so CD booting is blocked, it only allows HDD, even when you disconnect the HDD we sort of have something like that, its called the internet and network usage agreement, I refused to sign it, but even if you dont sign it the rules still apply to you, which is stupid the reason i got caught i think was because I changed the MAC address to match that of the on
  5. Ok, I am going to send an email to the head IT person of my school district, I need some guidelines on what to say and/or how to say it, I want to sound like I am being serious and so that she will take me seriously, any suggestions? See my other post if you don't know what I am talking about
  6. actually the teacher that would do it is one of the network administrators at my school, and my parents are supposed to talk to the hightest IT authority of the county about it also for this year also the thing that they dont get is, they told me that if i do this then it opens the entire network to me so i can do whatever i want, they also said the only way i could bring my own computer is if i purchased a laptop the exact same model with exact same specs and paid them to put all the restrictions and software on it, but the thing they need to learn is that if someone wants to screw with the
  7. but you see, thats the thing that pisses me off, there was about 8 other people in the entire district, about 5 of them went to my school, and they did the EXACT same thing that I did, but just so they could play games and not get caught, and they LET them do that even though the administration knew about it the entire year, moonlit: if that happens again this year i am not going to let them take it, that was back in the day when i didnt stand up for myself as much as i would now
  8. Ok, here's what happened, last year: The school that I go to lets us rent laptops to use throughout the schoolyear. The software they put on them and all the restrictions really make it horrible. They say that they help you learn more but in reality it makes education worse. I kept getting tired of the computer breaking and having to have it in repair for a week or so, meaning i could not do any work on the computer at school. I got tired of this because it had been about 3 monts into the schoolyear and it had to be in repair about 5 times already, for software issues and hardware issue
  9. Someone told me that here in the United States, it is a federal crime to change the MAC address on a wireless network card, I told him that I didn't think this was true because I have done it before and have gotten caught (long story) but didnt get in trouble...so am I right?
  10. darkzar99

    Flash 9

    already searched google, no luck, everything is too outdated, myspace just recently encouraged users to switch to flash player 9, as in i think a few weeks ago or so
  11. darkzar99

    Flash 9

    I know but I really NEED to do this, if anyone knows how please let me know asap
  12. darkzar99

    Flash 9

    This is probably a n00b question, but I have to ask it, how can you make a flash 9 redirect that will work in myspace? From what I read on google the flash redirects were 'fixed' when myspace requests users upgrade to flash 9, does anyone know how?
  13. You were correct Sparda, it was the hardware rendering not being used, i used the guide i posted before and now x-moto runs great and the video is like it should, thanks! however i am not using the ati drivers, its the fglrx i believe is what its called
  14. no from ati.com, if i reinstall the drivers according to the ubuntu wiki would that make a difference? edit: i will try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/hardware.html i ran the first command and it said that 3d accelleration was not enabled so something isnt right
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