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Geek Gifts


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Well, tiz the season to give and what better gift to give that lets them know your a real geek lol.

-Okay, list the geeky gifts your giving to your friends or family.

MoM- A LED multiple picture frame

Bro- Building a desktop computer

lil bro & sis- MP3 player

Friend- External HDD

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I got my xmas gift early. I ended up getting an old Dell power edge 2650. x2 xeon cpu's, 4gb ram, x4 72gb scsi hard drives. The first one I got had a bung hdd and the bell end on ebay sent me the wrong one (thank god for dell service tags in the bios to compare with ebay listings). So I got a much better replacement. XD

Birthday is coming up shortly after and I have put my hand up for one of those large wacom intuos4 graphic tablets. Damn they are pure <33333

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Hah, as if I could afford electronics for all of my friends. Then again, most of my friends and family wouldn't appreciate the geeky gifts all that much anyways since they're not into it like I am.

Ya, I see what your saying, but it doesn't have to be like Jinx! clothes or anything. The picture frame I'm getting for my mom still has to do with tech and ill put family pics on it b4 I give it to her. ;)

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