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  1. Looks like Microsoft has gone up a bit in my book.. but only a bit.
  2. Lawl. Fuck Microsoft.
  3. d4rkfe4r

    Deserted Haven

    Just wanted to let you guys know about a CS:S community im a leader of: (Deserted Haven. We currently have 4 servers (24/7 Office, Rotation, DM, and ZM), PsychoStats (I need to add it to Rotation, DM, and ZM), Vent, and SourceBans. Hope to see you guys playing there :D btw i go by roadwarrior on CS:S.
  4. From the way you describe it you got the portal gun to work in portal while in a hl2 map.
  5. Ahhh, lame. I was thinking about getting a Fon2.0N because of rapidshare, torrents, and sharing usb harddrives across the network but ill probably wait till the price comes down.. and when someone can figure out a way to hack it :>
  6. We've been using Dells as workstations at work and they are solid machines.
  7. Is there a difference between the FON2100 (La Fonera) and FON2201B (La Fonera+) for this?
  8. Maybe its possible to hook an atheros wifi card to the 2n and use that instead of the built in.
  9. Gerix-Wifi-Cracker uses BUC and I must admit its a handy little program to have if you dont want to spend time tying the commands out. Im not sure if Gerix-Wifi-Cracker-NG (newer version) uses BUC but still, BUC is a great language.
  10. I gave one of my female friends a necklace that was the shape of a water drop and it had a led light that changed colors.
  11. I thought it was funny that 4 of the 6 sentences say the EXACT same thing then he goes on to specify which components he wants the best of.
  12. Im sorry but you pretty much repeat yourself with each sentence.
  13. Google wave! When ever you send it you add the person you sent it to to the wave and when they receive it they add a marker on the map then add the next person! I have 21 invites on one acct, and 8 on 2 others.
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