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Borderlands for your PC


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Got it on Xbox 360. Mighty fine game. Especially online, really good. Great system in that the more people you play in a party with online, the better the loot. Encourages multiplayer, which is always good.

Also, there are thousands of different guns. I read in an interview that they actually created a system that made all the guns for them. It would have taken all the developers in the world months and months to make them all. This makes every gun unique :)

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Fantastic game, though I find by level 30ish, it seems to be rather repetitive. If you are having some problems running it at a decent frame rate, I have written up a small article to point out some tweaks to make (http://ttgale.com/article.php/20100120214608212)

One thing that I have noticed is that you pretty much have your arm tied behind your back if you are running and AMD/ATI card. The PhysX in this game is hardcore, and I'm still waiting PhysX on ATI. I eventually gave up and just bought an Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+ for cheap!

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