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  1. OK.. who is the wise guy who put me on there ;-)
  2. Who has played this? This game rock so far.. FPS + RPG type of game. I love the artwork on it also, nice game play
  3. Zimmer, "How did you download the hak5 episodes?" That maybe the most stupid question ever asked.. I clicked the download button on Hak5 home page but it only plays it in my browser and does not ask me if I want to save/download it. I right clicked, no option to download/save file from location, tryed firebug to inspect the element of where the source file is to directly download the episode, no luck
  4. ok.. I *THINK* i figured it out, thanks to Sparda who pointed out I was googling the wrong thing, thanks
  5. Yes, I apologize, I mean multi dimensional arrays such as whateever[5][10][1000] and you said an array within an array? so a 3d array would be an array that has another array within that, and then another array deeper then that one? so it is like an array with class? so like the first array could be the student name the next array within that one could be their GPA the next one within that one could be their test scores that created the GPA and since it is an array you can compare all of the students scores and names and GPAS?
  6. Can someone please explain to me in regular english what the *&^% a Multi layered array is. I googled it and it all looks like a forieng language. From what I understand a Array, first depends on what kind (integer, string, real, ect) and it starts at 0 and fills one memory space with a variable, so like exampleCode[50] the 50 means that is how many slots their is to put data.. but what is a multi layer array?
  7. You sir, are on point. Sometimes flowcharts give you something to do for your job, and reguardless what the other guy said priviously, drawing a picture of what you want your site or GUI or whatever is a heirarchy chart. From there you look and see what modules,functions, databases, encryption,ect.. that you will need from there on your little photoshop page design. If you are doing a large project (or anything for a big biz) then you will need to make the flowcharts, puesdocodes and all of that stuff, you can do amatuer work some are doing and sell yourself on craigslist (coder for hire with no perm job) .(Not directed to you Mr. Grimm, but people will know if it is directed towards them or not) or do it big and make big money.. own a home, jacuzzi and smoke a cigar in it
  8. I would also suggest driveragent.com if you are doing alot of PC repairs/fixes.. you will save tons of time on finding drivers and googling them. I have tried drivermax, all those programs.. this sites whole dedication is to pc drivers, and it makes it very easy to find which ones you need and to download & install them. I have fixed tons of pc's with this site and it is legit.
  9. what you have looks like a hierarchy chart, try making a flowchart as well and some puesdocode
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