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Phreaknic 13 --October 30th,31st--


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OK, so Phreaknic 13 is in 4 wks (technically) and I just found out I am indeed going (w00t!) So I was wondering who else from here (if anyone else) is going? What are some tips you could give me? etc.etc.etc.

Just called the hotel, and they do still have rooms left

Days Inn Stadium

211 North First Street

I-65 & North First Street

Nashville, TN 37213 US

(615) 254-1551

Make sure you tell them that your with the phreaknic group and the hotel room is $69 per night.

Only thing I have not figured out yet is how much it is to get into the event??? I think I have read in the past that it's like $25 per person??? I'm not sure so any help would be appreciated.

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So sad that it is on the same weekend as Halloween :(

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So I take it your not going eh? You know if D or Matt is going? BTW, how's the kindle going snubs? Hope you got all the kinks out of it. I can't wait to see that on the show :D

Also @brimstone - Thanks man, and hell yeah I'll say hey (well... dunno who you will be but then I'll just say hey to everybody :P)

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Ok, so I'm getting my lappy setup for this event, and just one real question.. Are there any tips anyone can give so that I may have a SECURE outbound connection @ the event? I mean yes.. I know there will be no such thing. I would just like to send an email or two here and there without people snatching my gmail user/pw and sending everyone I know dickpix. IF this were Windows, then well... there wouldn't be much of a problem there as I am pretty confident I can set some tight settings to at least make them work for their meat, but linux security... I mean yah it's secure, but then @ the same time I heard it is ez if you know what to do :P

Maybe I should just try hacking it myself?

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lol.... well, at least you know they are having the ware-chair toss this year (and last yr also, so that must have been... the year before?) so maybe that will get it out of any asshat's systems.

I look forward to the arduino stuff.. Actually I look forward to all of it. :D

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I never been to one, but my first guess would to be, not to use any ATM machines around there..

Happy holloween, phreaknik

I have also checked the Audrino's out and they look pretty cool, I need to get better at programming in order to control one. What do they use C++ to program and work?

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Also.. throw all the chairs off the roof that you want. You only live once. It seems like a tradition, if this is your time to "go wild" then do it and have fun. It is not like throwing chairs is evil, unless your aiming to drop one on somebody off the 3rd floor.

just make sure that you dont get caught or maybe throw pumpkins off the roof instead since it is the holloween weekend

but if this is your one time out for a while, that you saved money to goto and have fun then have a ball.. im probuly not the best person to listen too but if your going all out then go all out.. just try to have a safe journey, and try not to end up waking up in the county jail there lol.. spring break for nerds / geeks

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well it's been great actually! I have so far met a lot of cool people and learned A LOT of things. I have seen int80, but haven't had a chance to talk to him 1 of 1 yet, but I am soon. But I was just wondering if anyone else is here?? I don't think so but it would be cool if so.

**side note***

WOW this hotel is run down! the upside though is that they really don't care what you do here, so it's fun. I also talked with skydog a couple of times , and he's pretty cool too.

Wish the Hak5 crew was here too but oh well. I can't bitch, it's my first con, and I WILL be here next year!

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