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awhile back I did wonder if Hak5 would have posters we could get from the hak5 store or not but yeah its none existent as of right now. however i did find a good picture of everyone that looked like a good poster pic so i visited http://www.blockposters.com/ printed this out and carefully trimmed the edges off got some tape but that ticky tack stuff works better. anyway my request to the guys at hak5 is would it be possible to get some new snap shots so us viewers can print out our own posters of our favorite podcast?

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How about a naked calendar? I bet Paul looks the shit in a tennis outfit.

On a serious note, I've bought stickers in the past. Never really used them though, saw it more as a donation. Anway, I would like some more shot glasses. Or how about the bottle openers that diggnation used to use? I don't really need a poster, I want something I can use. Hey I'm tight what can I say?

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