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I was looking at my ipod touch today and thinking about how apple are yet to release a netbook to rival the asus or the msi and I suddenly thought of an idea they could use. If they are able to fit so much into a single ipod touch then imagine two ipods which would fold togather like a laptop. It would be super portable; pocket size infact and could use each touch screen, one as a display and the other as a keyboard/mouse. it would lack certain things such as a CD drive as does any other netbook but it could include many things too! USB shouldnt be a problem if they are able to fit them into a macbook air. Obviously a few minor changes to the over all appearance but other than that i think it is a good concept.. i would love to do it myself but i have no where near enough ability to hack two ipods into one or even enough money to risk on such a project :mellow: If anyone has had the same idea or a better one I'd love to ponder more :lol:

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There have been rumours lately about such a thing, but it's more likely (if you believe said rumours) that it'll be like a giant iPod Touch, a tablet form rather than a laptop. That said, you can install OSX on a generic netbook just fine with a little work and attention.

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The iSlate could be interesting, but this is apple. They could take the choice of selling it like a laptop, ie an open platform you can install any old crap onto if you fancied, like there macbooks. Or they could sell it like a big ipod, a locked down, limited platform designed to make as much cash as possible. If they sell it like a PC, I will get one, but if it turns out to be a big iPhone i'll add it to the list of Greatest Misses.

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