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  1. Thats kewl.. I hadn't heard the rumour and yes I know about OSX on netbooks because i got it working beautifully on my MSI wind
  2. if these wernt computer dependable they would be insane. Just imagine putting them onto a USB stick and using a batch file to run them all with a vbs to do it silently too! I have been looking for such 'command based' programs but cant find any let alone a package of them. I dunno if this is still a orking project but it would really be kewl and i would be interested in downloading it. Does anyone know of a place where I can download command based programs?
  3. I was looking at my ipod touch today and thinking about how apple are yet to release a netbook to rival the asus or the msi and I suddenly thought of an idea they could use. If they are able to fit so much into a single ipod touch then imagine two ipods which would fold togather like a laptop. It would be super portable; pocket size infact and could use each touch screen, one as a display and the other as a keyboard/mouse. it would lack certain things such as a CD drive as does any other netbook but it could include many things too! USB shouldnt be a problem if they are able to fit them into a macbook air. Obviously a few minor changes to the over all appearance but other than that i think it is a good concept.. i would love to do it myself but i have no where near enough ability to hack two ipods into one or even enough money to risk on such a project If anyone has had the same idea or a better one I'd love to ponder more
  4. Ahh thanks,, your probably right, I have dual boot on my netbook so ill just restart into ubuntu and try copying the files over again
  5. hi ive just downloaded the Pocketknife and poked around in the batch files (very neatly done might i add). However when I try to copy the files to my USB drive (non U3) there is an error with a few files in the SYSTEM folder e.g. csrss.exe which cannot be moved because they are already in use.. so i go to task manager and sure enough the files are already running but because they are system processes i cannot stop them thus i cannot copy them over to my USB drive <_< .. Im not sure if anyone else has had this issue because i havnt scanned through all the comments yet but is there a way around this problem.. any help is much appreciated, thanks
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