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Brute force, you can try one of the rainbow tables if the AP has a SSID that is one of the tables.

Uhh, no. You can't crack a wpa password with no clients connected. You need at least the first two parts of the four way handshake. Wep with no clients, no problem.

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Sorry, wrong way round, you can do an APless attack, not a clientless one with the new version.

Yea, that sounds about right. You pose as the correct AP and the client sends their part of the handshake(which fails). That's all you need now with the new cowpatty. Works great for all those laptops that automagically connect to "their" AP.

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Hey, it would work... tad bit more illegal and would probably get you jail time, but effective none-the-less. I would call it very intrusive hacking (especially if you use an axe, then its real 'hacking', hehe...)

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