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    WPA Help

    use a some metal piping to beat the password out of anyone who knows it lol .... sorry
  2. hmmm, think it could ever be practically implemented? The amount of bandwidth the host would have to provide would it be to the point of impracticality? I was wondering because google looks things up at an incredible speed when compared to an EPC, so even if the results were unlikely to yield any results, it could still be a useful tool if your lacking in processing power
  3. so google (from what i understand .... which isn't much) is that google is an intensely powerful indexing and search tool, so would it be possible index massive amounts of hashes, then use google to search it, like a massive look up table? please list the reasons i'm wrong below.
  4. @Aerick for the psp wifi hacking there is a project in development by people who know a lot more about the psp then i do, here are the forums. http://psp.wijou.com/forum/?showtopic=815 as for the Pandora battery info. http://www.pspmod.com/forums/psp-hardware-...new-method.html make sure u read the WHOLE POST before doing anything, that way you know about the updates that will save you time for wondering why it isn't working. also it was the 3rd hit when i searched Pandora battery on google ... so ya ... good luck. ps. "ok i know about that site :P i just don't know how to use it though?" ummm read the text and point and click on the links
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