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Tricking DSL modem


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Is there a way I can have the computer send a signal to the DSL modem to make the DSL light green?

I have a DSL modem not connected to the Internet.

The DSL modem is mistakenly connected to the computer via the telephone cord to the computer's telephone port.


What I want is

Is there a joke or prank software so that the computer can send a signal from the computer's telephone port to the DSL modem via the DSL modem's telephone port through a connecting telephone cord to make the DSL light solid green instead of flashing red.


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Probably not. Not short of taking it apart and changing the led.

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You can remove the guts of it ... put an arduino like board inside it and use it to turn the leds on and off or whatever

As for using the modem's hardware to do that ... well it is possible but it would require lots and lots of trial and error, debugging or having very detailed reference of it

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It is not possible in the way you describe you would like it to work. The 'telephone port' on the computer will be (most likely) a dialup modem which deals exclusively with analogue signals down the phone line. The Digital Subscriber Line device wants a digital signal of some variety.

I vote for opening the DSL device and rewiring the LED.

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Theres a easy way to destroy most or all of the networking abilities in windows (but fixing it will be hard)

if it is a dsl gateway, then try this, go into the dsl gateway settings then disable nat and add random routes and other things to stop the internet from working, then you can undo it or hard reset the gateway

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