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  1. The torment continues ... 1st fix - Bad battery - Broken touchpad - Bad monitor Took 4 days to fix, came back still with a broken touchpad and a broken plastic cover. 2nd fix - Broken touchpad - Inner plastic case broken Took 25 days total! Came back with drained out batteries, loud hard drive, and i noticed that the plastic border of the monitor was all scratched from the repair you can tell because it was specially scratched near the screws. 3rd fix - Batteries gone bad again - LCD gone bad again - Scratched lcd border - Loud hard drive Told me everything was okay lol So im getting increasingly pissed after each fix, they aren't fixing the issues and taking a really long time doing so, i wrote complains, i yelled at their costumer service (which i never do since i used to work at a call center too). So im running out of options ... i bought this laptop in the 28 of June since then i had little more that 12 days of use with it, most of the time it stays at ASUS... What would you recommend i should do ? Next monday im going to call them try to threaten with a lawyer or asking to speak to someone high up ... dunno Any tip is appreciated Thanks
  2. Awesome real life example tho
  3. They asked me the same, i said the same...it looks like a polite fu u goes a long way in asus :) I talked again with them today all angry and pissed off, they promissed to fix it this time, otherwise i'll be getting a brand new laptop... i hope
  4. Hi there So i bought this Asus eee pc 1215b laptop a month ago and as like any other computer geek after i tried the laptop for some 20min i wiped the entire disk and installed linux :) unaware that i would lose my return privilege with the store...i started punching myself for wiping the disk after realizing that i had a defective monitor, broken touchpad and 8h batteries that lasted 2.30h .. jackpot! Ok so now im calling asus costumer service to activate the warranty, everything goes fine they pick up the laptop 4 days later i have my laptop back..awesome :) so i started testing it out before i wipe the disk again, cant help it. So oddly enough asus fixed monitor and replaced the batteries, but the touchpad remains the same plus they added another problem, it seams that the laptop was poorly assembled after repair and one of the inner plastic covers wont clap in, looks like they actually broke the plastic claps. I called the costumer service again totally pissed off and now two days have passed and i still haven't got a RMA or any confirmation that they opened an case about it, just a couple of mails asking me to fill up surveys. What should i do now ? Keep this back and forward with the repair service, ask for a new laptop ask for some satisfaction ?
  5. well ... most likely,but as i said im using jtr with jumbo 6 patch, besides a modified john.conf its a standard install
  6. Yeah..everything works fine.. markov incremental external modes ...
  7. It worked here, im using john with the jumbo patch [root@arcsys john]# ./john -format:raw-md5 -wordlist:password.lst hak5 Loaded 1 password hash (Raw MD5 [raw-md5 64x1]) hello (User)
  8. try pointing john to the hash file without setting any format to see what he detects. Also you could post a sample of pwd.txt
  9. Mmmmm just my 2cent, but couldnt you install openwrt on a device a try to configure a bluetooth usb dongle on it
  10. hi So i recently came across this and i was wondering if it was possible to do so, add a usb port, to a fonera+ 2201. The board is similar, and i messed around with a multimeter in the same spot they added the usb hub, found nothing :( ...anyhow i was hoping there were some mods or magic words to achieve this on a fonera 2201. Thanks
  11. I can tell you wich one not to buy ... i have a hp tx2560 tablet pc, the specs are okay but its way to bulky and heavy to be a tablet and doesnt have much durability, the main battery only lasted 6months of normal use ...
  12. Strategy: Red Alert 1 FPS : HL1 HL2 and Gears of War RPG : Fallout Sim : Ace Combat
  13. Some issue with my laptop ethernet interface and the foneras hardware or the openwrt firmware, either way i have to change my mac every time i want to connect via ethernet ... true story
  14. I had the same problem connecting via ethernet changing the MAC address of my interface solved that
  15. Will you ever give me up ? Will you ever gonna let me down ? Will you ever make me cry ? Will you ever tell a lie and hurt me ?
  16. Why doenst anybody sugest this http://open-pandora.org/ dream toy ^^ For f sake it has an hackers manual http://www.openpandora.org/downloads/PANDO...manual_v100.pdf
  17. IMO a more down to earth idea to a better society, a better world etc ... can be found in the HUGE video library of TED, they have really good lectures and debates. Worth a look ;) /edit Forgot the link http://www.ted.com/
  18. Did changing the mac worked for you ? I found out that i can ping the fon when it reboots but it goes silent after 5 pings .... EDIT: After changing the mac over 10times i can now connect to the fon directly :) thanks a lot jano_prospero
  19. Im using the cable that came with the Fon ... but i've tried with other cables same thing. Forget im using Linux ... for a windows user what would be the steps to connect directly to the fon
  20. I approve of this :P
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