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iWork '09


iWork or Office  

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  1. 1. Do you use iWork?

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Office 2007 here, because a: I don't use Mac and b: its a standard. If your sharing a lot of documents between other people stick to Office but if its just for personal use stick to what you like IMHO.

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Well, I got office for free and it's got a lot of whirlygigs and giggledrops that aren't very useful to me...

Pages is fineish for basic reports and essays, even google docs works perfectly fine for that. Pages also makes super good looking documents.

Keynote is the real winner here and is FAR better than Powerpoint in my opinion. Presentations come out beautifully and are dead simple to make!

Numbers is still pretty weak I'm told, but my spreadsheet use is extremely limited, and it's covered by Numbers (and Google Docs).

I guess the reason I really like it is because it works like an OSX application, so everything "clicks" with me automatically. I have a feeling that there is going to be a whole crowd of non-mac using folks that are going to trash iWork and vote for Office.

'tevs, iWork hasn't failed me yet and has only done good, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, its aokayforme!

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Well I really hate the Office 2007 UI, but I haven't used it a lot anyway. I played around with iWork a little and found it interesting, they've done some things well but it has a little bit of a learning curve.

Personally I use Open Office because of using Linux a decent amount and having the ability to run it on windows and os x means that I can keep the same application for all my systems. The fact is free also has something to do with it.

As for formats, I hardly distribute documents anyway really, most of my work is text files. But if I do create a document the last thing I normally do is export to PDF. PDF has really taken over from everything, documents, slideshows etc.

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Ok, so my friend and I were having a debate and I'd like to pose the question to all of you. iWork or Office?

I assumed that this post was for Mac users only, which means Windows/*nix users shouldn't vote.


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It depends on what im doing for me.

If its for school, I'll use Office 2008 just so I can use it on the school computers (which have Office 97).

If I am able to use my laptop (which I sometimes am) I will use iWork, I just find it easier to use and you can add alot better (and more discrete) effect to make things smoother and the built in themes seem to be built for presenting rather than adapted.

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Originally, yes the poll was supposed to be only for mac users, but our's is a party of inclusion and so everyone's opinions matter.

Tho I am wondering why this post should be deleted, seams like a valid poll to me.

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Office 2008 darkbluebox?

I have never really got to grips with the iwork interface, due to my limited contact with mac systems. Office 07 has been a winner for me, but there are compatability issues with it and 03 that really piss me off, such as the save as, then a load of scrolling to 03..

That is the only problem i have with it. Oh and the security updates that totaled 100mb.

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I did not vote (no suprise there) mainly because I have never used a mac, and in such I think it would sway me, but truthfully I hate office, and have never heard of the iwrite app.

I like open office and here is why:

a. it's free

b. it does everything that everything else does

c. 99% of docs created in oo is undetectable as not being made in office by microsoft leetist teachers (and hell yah there are tons out there)

d. it's crossplatform

e. little/no learning curve

f. very stable.

btw, for code, what little i do, it's notepad++ 4 me

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