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Mini linux server


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This thing is so cool. Its a linux machine that is the size of a charger and only consumes about 5 watts. It has a 1.2ghz processor 512mb of ram and storage space of 512mb. According to the diagram it has 1 ethernet ports and 1 usb port. If they could expand this and add a little more features like another usb port and ethernet port then it would be perfect.


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R U kidding me? This is the freaking monolith of computing if you think about it. This is what the Apple mini should be.

Just had a thought. Since you could just add a powered usb hub to it (hell just tape it to the damn thing!) Would not usb monitors work? And if that is the case, would not this still be classified a "fully functional pc?" I mean yah, I doubt you would want to run it as a high def video device or anything, but this is freaking great! I want one so bad... I have heard about similar computers in the past, like the Atmel NGW100, which I ALSO always wanted, but never got the chance..

Hey pathfinder, why dont you check this one out! It's been out for awhile, so you can probably find it for next to nothing, and it seems to meet your needs!

Atmel ATNGW100

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Atmel All integrated/no video controller/512mb storage/512mbram/1.2ghz= 89.99

Robin Z5xx Nano COM Express/no built in storage/1.1ghz=base 129.00 + 200 for carrier board = 329.....

I think price/performance= Atmel 4 the win. For 329, I can build something better *not as small* but better.

or hell, for 329 I can buy an aspire one, config it for a media/backup device/whatever, and throw it under the couch.

Just thought of something though...

Atmel computer + FON + BatteryPack = Ultimate Hacker Device! FTW!

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