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my first mod!


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so yesterday i decided to do wess' mod from episode 2, add the 12v accessory to your case, i also painted my case, and i stealthed my cd rom drive.

it was a sweet experience and i just wanted to say, thank you hak.5, cant wait for season 2 :D

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This is a mod of my 2U rack server. I change the processor fan and it needed more room to fit. So I decided to mod it and put a blow hole with a filter for the raise in hieght while keeping an appeal.

This is the end result.




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1 small strip of velcro does wonders

although i was never able to heatshrink the wires for the 12v plug, i wasnt sure to put them on before or after the soldering seeing as how it was my first time soldering wires EVER

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although how should i heatshrink the wires for the 12v port because right now the metal in the soldered wires are naked and will short out the connection if it touches the metal of the cd-rom drive (it already happened once lol)

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Since it's already on the quick fix is to just put some electrical tape over it. Alternatively, detach, put some heatshrink tube over the wires, reattach and heat that sucker.

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