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Which Car?


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lol, even though not what she's looking for I would love to have a 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT-VR4.Twin-Turbo, All Wheel Drive, Over 250hp, +-16 degrees of turn for the back wheels when your going around a corner at faster than 45mph, and the spoiler will auto calibrate for the least drag.. oh yah, the electronic/hydraulic suspension is badass too...

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My mom is getting a new car, and was wondering which should she get. A Lexus or an Audi. Shes locking to get a used one in the sub-20,00 range. Any suggestions on which Car and some good series.

Depends on what sort of car and image she is looking for as Audi and Lexus are very different.

If she wants a hybrid then she'll have to get a Lexus, if she wants a convertible, then it's got to be an Audi.

More information would be good.

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I've test driven lots of cars when my mom was looking to buy and she wanted my opinion and if its between audi and lexus I'd say go audi. They drive nicer in my opinion. But you should make her test drive them herself. It's all about personal preference. And check out a few car forums. There's one for every make these days. There you'll find out what kind of maintenance problems whatever car has and how much parts are going to cost and so on and so forth.

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