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The Grillz epidemic


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I think that i have stumbled across an epidemic of horrific proportions.

I speak of the growing number of retards on the internet, who are featured re-creating, or otherwise singing along to the Nelly song Grillz.

If you haven't heard the song before


I am a particular fan of this type of music and Nelly, and think that Grillz is a totally awesome song. However to see so many people butchering it pains me somewhat.

To get an understanding of what i mean, just do a simple search for "Grillz" in google video or youtube


take a look for yourselves if you can deal with looking at a bunch of retards in their natural environment

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I tried to be open minded about it but the only thing that I could hear was "punch me in the fucking mouth as hard as you can". So then I went to check out the homemade versions and the lyrics changed slightly. I heard "slam me in the mouth with a fucking baseball bat".

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