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Windows 7 on VMWare


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is the aero effect working ?

Probably won't in VMware. At least, my vista does not, but does outside of vmware. Vmware does not use the GPU in the same way your pc does. Its a sort of visual proxy, so you don't get 3d acceleration, hence, no aero flip effects, etc. If they lowered the requirments in 7(like their experience rating system), it might work, but I doubt it.

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Out of the box worked great on my thinkpad t60p

Not VM in any way

40 GB space + ubunu + XP

all of them 40 GB

No drivers to use for my SATA


wireless was easy

Blew it up twice on purpose for testing and it recovered once the seocnd time i don't think it had a chance in hell

release Dons malware package on it and it never had any second thoughts about dieing but the first test package was good! recovered fine in less then 15 min!

Blows vista away hands down as we all know!

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