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Does this exist?


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Creative used to make them back when 256MB was a lot of storage. Creative Muvo

I have one of those for my parents and the model I have doesn't allow you to plug a thumb drive into it, but it does come apart and allow you to use it like a thumb drive. What model of the Muvo are you referring to?

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Well the problem is that the part that takes a USB input is just a power source. It is the part that has the batteries.

I am starting to wonder how hard it would be to build something like what I am wanting with an arduino kit. Problem being I have never messed with arduino let alone pic controllers.

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So you just want to power the player from USB?

Easy, find out what the voltage output on the batteries is, if it's 5v just solder a USB connector straight in there.

No. I have my entire music collection (for the time being until it outgrows it) on a 32 GB Patriot Xporter USB thumb drive. I would like a player that allows me to plug said thumb drive into it and be able to play music directly off of the thumb drive.

The comment about the the power unit was in reference to the Creative MuVo players which don't have anyway of plugging a thumb drive into them cause they are basically and mp3 player/thumb drive. It comes in two parts. The thumb drive/MP3 player and a small unit it plugs into that takes one AAA battery and will power the Muvo player through its female USB-A recepticle.Here is a pic of what I am talking about ->muvo2m.jpg

The other versions are just MP3 player thumb drive hybrids just for the sake of quick transferring songs from PC to the player without extra cables.

I hope that all made sense cause I just got off work and I am real groggy so I may have just posted jibberish.

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I could have sworn I've seen a cigarette adapter fm transmitter dealy that took USB for its media and just had the most basic play/pause next/back buttons. It was cheap too!

I saw a few of those things in the automotive section at the Wal-Mart near my house a few months ago. One that took USB and SD cards. Not sure how hard it would be, but I suppose you could find the power regulator and push a lower voltage into it after that point, then take the output of the preamp and pipe it into an audio device instead of the FM transmitter... you know, for when you're not in the car.

Or am I just being silly?

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or just get one of these, this is the closest you will get to usb flash drive mp3 player thats not really old but coby does suck in quality and have no warranty



get that, and get a cheap micro sd with lots of storage to expand the storage

I have one, there cheap ($24.99) it plays video, has great battery life

easy to use and works great

i have the recertified one but it works great and is nearly indestructible

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