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Fallout 3 <== Need the pros and cons!!


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Alrite, so after playing Fable 2 I thought.. hey RPGs are becoming enjoyable again. I want to know the pros and cons in your opinion. Is it more of a FPS or more of a RPG game? First look at it looks amazing! I just want to know whats really good or whats terribad. Thank you for the opinions.

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I've seen Matt play Fallout3 and everything I've seen is pretty freakin cool.

I love the use of machines in this game. Adventure games are great, and side-quests are fun.

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I loovved fallout. The story is a bit weak, and the game is nothing special if you just go through the story. But if you branch out and just go exploring and do side quests i can say ive played the game for probably like 30 hours because i go back and do quests evil or ya know different things like that. And i think i heard something about DLC coming this month! *crosses fingers for pc*!!!!

The cons in my mind is the vats to real time combat can be a bit....confusing might be the word...it takes a little getting used to having to switch. And as i said above if you just play through the story its a bit dry and boring.

If you do get it though, do a few saves because things like megaton and tennpenny tower change the game alot

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Pro: Lots of fun. Beautiful game. Engaging.

Con: Its Oblivion with Guns. Dialog is lame. Quest lines are pretty lame. Ending makes no sense. Stats raise too high. Not challenging enough. Not true to original Fallouts.

Definitely buy it / rent it, even with all its flaws its great.

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