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Upcomming Holidays


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Nice, I'm looking to get some new socks too actually... not even lying


football jacket (from my school)

then whatever my family gets me

probably money

Dont waste your money on a lettermen, its only cool until you graduate. When I those 30y/o guys wearing lettermens and all i can think is that that guys is a pedo. Instead but it in savings bonds or a cd. I guess im just jealous i never got one :angry:

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I will get a lot of love from our children and mate's/pall's/friend's , and that is really all i need, because i still believe that real love and friendship comes from the hart and not from the wallet.

So like every holiday season i will have a bucket by my front door in the hallway and any that wants to put a sealed envelope (with something in it) can just put it there, and at the end of the holiday season all the content of the sealed envelopes will be send to a good course.


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