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  1. Will be loving it even more if it come's with the old (10.04) ubuntu netbook interface Gerard
  2. For wardriving i make use of my smartphone with runs MiniStumbler and my HP (ubuntu netbook)linux netbook with SWScanner (version 0.2.2). Both (the smartphone and the netbook) got build in GPS For hacking WiFi i all so make use of the same hardware with other software. Gerard
  3. What a lot of crap If you want to build a Wifiantenna, just make a 8dBi double-quad. The its all in the mind gain windsurfer wifi antenna's wil give you no gain.
  4. Who has experience in hacking a Tux Droid? And if you answer the question is yes, what was the hack performed by your on the Tux Droid?
  5. If got a probleem i forgot my inlog is there a way to reset or to get them back? Thanks
  6. Let me refrase the question, Is Darren a hacker? Gerard
  7. First off all thanks to my fam: members that poosted this poosting, second thanks to all the persons that congratulated my with my 50th birthday. @ still learning, Its my 50th birthday and the Tux painting is made by my 6 years old granddaughter as a birthday gift, and here in the Netherlands when a male person becomes 50 the say he no knows where (the Biblical Figure) Abraham gets its Mostert (in other words now they are 50 they are finally growing up). @ ssmithisme, And to answer your questions, No iam not a german or living in Germany, Iam Dutch living in the Netherlands. Gerard
  8. Neinsager made it, he has met Abraham The old boy has finally grown to be 50 years old. (Poosted by one of the fam: members)
  9. Well if we are telling poor upbringing story's i can say i know because i have from there. With my 14 years old i all ready lived on my own with out any parents or other family. Still went to school (had to pay the school submission myself) and had a all kinds off jobs before school time and all kind of jobs for after school time to support myself So don't tell me any soppy story's about a poor upbringing, i lived a real poor live as a teen, have even eaten cat food from tins to get food in side me, i know i have really lived that life. And now fully grown and all most 50 years old i still care for other persons missery regarding of its color or believes, So my wife and i are still fostering foster children, and i am looking further then the length of our nose regarding to the aid I give to my fellowman. So stop sopping in your own poor mans story and just get up and go and help your fellowman regarding if the persons color, believes and if he or she is family or not. By putting rules on your help your not really helping any one but yours own ego. Gerard
  10. On all the computers, laptops here ad home we are running Ubuntu9.04 on and the 4 EeePc netbooks we went from Ubuntu 9.04 back to EasyPeasy. There just no Windows product here in the house. Gerard
  11. Mmm just see here or here or here and the list goes on and on. And no there are not all bums, (butt than again they are now) or Katrina crowds. So sorry butt this is the truth, the USA is going down the hill if you like it or not its just the simple truth. Gerard
  12. Sorry With just saying (or even screaming it out loud) will not stop the down hill pad thats the USA is on now. Sorry So far i followed the global news only in the States the got people living in tents because of the global economy, and the mean reason 4 this is that the Americans give out more money than that they got coming in. Gerard
  13. If we will start doing that in the USA to set a good example. I mean just like in some Africa countries they both always got leaders with a very big mouth, both got a lot of drug smugglers, dope heads, crooked police, politicians and leaders and to top it of a lot of Americans are living now in tents in place of homes, so the cap between some of the African countries en the USA is getting smaller and smaller. So just lets face it the USA is on its way to become a new 3de world country, and when thats so we will bring just out of the goodness of our harts all kind of aid to this new 3de world country. Gerard
  14. 4 all those that got problems running Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 on there EeePc 701 4 (everything moves slow like win98 on a 486 machine) with this sollution this problem got solved and this latest Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.04 release runs just fine and smoot. Just have fun Gerard
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