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  1. Hello! Ok, here is the solution. And the next problem... Solution: A powershell via CopSSH is 32 bit. The exchange cmdlets on my server are 64 bit. So they won't run. I've found a nice software. "Powershell SSH Server 5" from n/ software. It runs as a service and supports 64 bit powershell. Now I can - create users - create mailboxes But I need to create home-directories too: Our home-directories are stored on DFS. Only administrator can create new directories unter \\domain\home . First try: Do it direct on the domain controller. Open a powershell as user "Administrator". PS> whoami PS> domain\Administrator Run Script containing the new-item command for \\domain\home\username. => Directory created Second try: Do it over SSH Other system: Putty connection to domain controller as Administrator PS> whoami PS> domain\Administrator Run the same script as above => Error, access denied SSh Login user was the same user as the one opening the local powershell. Powershell service runs under the same credentials (tryed "Service" account too) So I am asking you: Has anyone a hint why the same user could not create the directory in an ssh session?
  2. Hello! Maybe someone can help me on this topic. I'm an absolute powershell noob but since we are getting MS Exchange it's time to learn. All our unser management is based on linux. So I have to create ps scripts that one can start from linux using ssh. Scripts with new-aduser commands are running fine. Now I need to use "new-mailbox" so the script needs to load the Exchange PS Extensions and here is the problem. Using . RemoteExchange.ps1 Connect-ExchangeServer -auto .... New-Mailbox -UserPrincipalName $PrincipalName -Alias $Alias -Database $Database -Name $User –OrganizationalUnit $OU -Password $secure -FirstName $First -LastName $Last -DisplayName $Name -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon $False -PrimarySmtpAddress $email -Force $true -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false works fine localy. Via ssh . RemoteExchange.ps1 Connect-ExchangeServer -auto creates errors (missing registry keys etc). It looks like the RemoteExchange script trys to run using the copssh admin user and not the user connected by ssh. So is there an other way to get the exchange cmdlets running in my script? Any idears?
  3. Yes I thougt it was 98 but my girlfriend told me that she has installed 2000 on her last visit home. We've now decided to use an older version of Antivir that still gets database updates. I've tryed a year ago but it seems that thing doesn't like that idea.... I think I've found a greate x-mas present for him. Will search for an xp ready machine on ebay when it's getting cold again.
  4. Yes, after doing some more research I hope that I can get him some older version of a anti virus software so that he can keep his Win2k installation. Thanks a lot for your greate support! Well, looks like he has bought some sort of magazine. He likes the idear of open source and of course saving money. I've tryed to convince him to buy better hardware but... meh
  5. Hello! My girlfriends dad wants to get a fast and secure operating system for his old Pentium Tillamook Laptop (233MHz, 64MB, 10GB Disk). He currently runs Win98 with no virus protection because ha could not find a working av software anymore. So he decided to switch to linux but it has to be very simple in installation and use because the only way for me to help him is the phone. We've tryed Ubuntu but the live CD wouldnt even boot. DSLs Desktop was too much for him and the archlinux installation.... oh no. He only needs the following things: - a Webbrowser with popup and add blocker - an easy way to mount/dismount USB sticks and to watch the pictures on them - plug and play network konfiguration... (dhcp) any suggestions?
  6. devilish


    First of all: Try DynDns to get a permanent url to your home FTP. Second: For security reasons think about ftps (Cerberos is free for home use).
  7. I know that I'm a little far behind but I will not pay 30€ (about 50$) for a game (sometimes less then 3 Weeks fun). So here is what I am playing these days: 1. Bioshock 2. Sacred 3. Warcraft 3
  8. Like some metal? Epica: One Aesma Daeva One Symphony X One
  9. I work at the IT depatrement of the local university doing database developement, webprogramming and system administration. I've a B.Sc. in computer science.
  10. First of all: Thank you all! I've now reseted the gps and only set the ones I really needed. After that, everything works fine. I think there was a gp marked as "not set" that was set some time ago and not deactivated correctly.
  11. Hello, maybe one of you can help me with my problem. I've become co-admin of an Win2003 Domain Controller and some Win XP clients. The clients have some old registry entries to redirect directories like "My Music" and Desktop Folder to a network device. These entries have to be removed. I've used regedit to change those entries. After that I rebooted the computer and logged in again. A short visit in regedit shows, that my new changes have gone. It looks like my registry changes have not been transfered to the domain controller while other changes like new desktop icons where (think so). Help, please :(
  12. I don't know about universities in other countries. In germany a student will learn to work "scientifically" before doing his bachelor, master or whatever thesis. That includes doing reseach on specific projects and topics. That way writing a thesis isn't like "from zero to hero"... My examiner whould have send me home with a thesis called "hacking my friends pc". Java, SQL,.. hmm... no network protocols, layers, MVC architecture, math, softwaredevelopement, oop, network securety or stuff like that? A weird course of studies that is. Doesn't sound like computer sciences. My advice: Go take a view courses more on related topics or change your thesis topic.
  13. get a cheap second hand router at ebay. Its the easyest way. Your local pcs have to get their IP from that box.
  14. I don't now what I will get (love surpises). Except one thing that allready arrived: my new bluray burner :-)
  15. I spend my Time doing one of the following things - working as a web-, database-, software- developer at the local university. My fulltime job that is - photography - gaming, chatting, relaxing - biking, hiking, traveling
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