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What time is it? Find out here!

Darren Kitchen

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So if you're an irc.hak5.org regular you'll know that with the internationl community and such it can sometimes get confusing when it comes to timezones.

No more!


Check it out! Click on a pushpin! It's just a start, but I think it has potential. I hope it evolves soon.

And yes, the timezone formerly known as Eastern Standard Time is now known as Hak5 time. EvilServer said so.


EvilServer > Ninjas > Pirates > Zombies > TomB

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I don't know if those map additions get saved remotely or not, but come on folks, add yourselves! :D

Edit: My bad. Can't add in a way that someone else can see it. Oh well...

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Now thats a cool page, its makes everything so simple, i don't have to start adding or subtracting hours and getting things wrong.

Now all we need is for everyone to work in one time zone so people don't get confused.

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Sorry, I ran across this before I saw TomB's awesome timezone cheat cheat page. I can't remember the URL right now but if I say TomB enough in this post TomB will show up and school us all on his amazing website that has the local time for all the IRC regulars, including TomB.

Yes, so once TomB does his next vanity search on the Hak.5 forums he'll see that TomB was mentioned in this post quite a lot and TomB will let us all know about TomB's amazing website.

I think I said that twice?

Ok, so to sum up. TomB will school us all. Because TomB > *

PS: Ok, I've got a gun to my head. The TomB mafia wants //Mad Props too.

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