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Where to start?


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Hey guys, I am kinda new to all of this whole security thing and was wondering where can I start learning about all that is encompassed within this broad topic. I know all of the basic stuff, like how to secure a pc, now I just want to make a mockery of it. It feels like I am asking how hack and I know that question is stupid because there is so much to learn that you can't just ask that and get one straight answer, I am more asking for a point to start. I would really like to learn to how to use backtrack but I booted it up and all the tools went straight over my head. Sorry if I seem like a bit of a obnoxious script kiddie, that not what I am going for but unfortunately that's all I am right now so thanks in advance to anyone that helps me out

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I would use google, I just don't know what to search...

well your going to want to google for a backtrack3 guide if thats what your going to use

penetration testing

pen testing

they are the same thing so either works. those are good to google for

wep cracking

wifi cracking

those should also aid you a bit.

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Google "where to start"

Because that's basically what you queried this forum for with that topic header.

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