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  1. I absolutely love what you have done and been using the pandora app and saver2 on and off for about a year now, and you have more then earned a donation, just waiting a paycheck then its coming your way
  2. Hey I was wondering, since I do a lot of repair work (turns into reformatting because people can't wait) is there anyway to put a XP ISO on here and point to it as a way of booting? I have been looking in to this a little on my own and it is all way over my head so any and all simple explanations would be great! Thanks in advance and great Episode guys, one of my favorites by far.
  3. much thanks Sparda the debugger showed me that my arraylist was indeed storing my entries but they were just pointers in memory, so I had to instantiate a new entry variable and that cleared up my problem right quick :)
  4. Thanks for the tip, will try to learn how to use netbeans built in debugger... if i can figure out how to use it
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if i could get some help really quick on an assignment I have for my AP computer science class. It is meant to be a address book but currently sucks to put it lightly. I need a little help finding out why when I add more then on entry to the arraylist it makes all of the contains of the that array the same, that being the last entry. All help is greatly appertained considering that my both my vocational school's programming teacher and my AP Comp Sci teacher couldn't figure it out. link to download is here Opening the main folder in netbeans after you unzip would be the easiest way to help out imo. If you need more information about it please just ask I will be happy to help you help me :)
  6. I would use google, I just don't know what to search...
  7. Hey guys, I am kinda new to all of this whole security thing and was wondering where can I start learning about all that is encompassed within this broad topic. I know all of the basic stuff, like how to secure a pc, now I just want to make a mockery of it. It feels like I am asking how hack and I know that question is stupid because there is so much to learn that you can't just ask that and get one straight answer, I am more asking for a point to start. I would really like to learn to how to use backtrack but I booted it up and all the tools went straight over my head. Sorry if I seem like a bit of a obnoxious script kiddie, that not what I am going for but unfortunately that's all I am right now so thanks in advance to anyone that helps me out
  8. Thanks neXussT for all your help and sorry about my inability to use intelligent grammar while typing...
  9. Adding the extra percent helped fix the echo problem, and now I have the file actually working, all I need to do is make it map the C drive is there anyway that I can get the dir command to show me just files and would get the out from that be as simple as adding >> filelist.txt to the end?
  10. OK, i got it to work the way i want to, kinda.... now whenever it echo's a line of text it will add the " + 1"... anyone know why this is happening?
  11. Hey guys was just wondering if there is a way to make a batch file echo something exactly as I type it, for example echo set name=c:/%num%.bat >> %name% I get the output of set name=c:/1.bat I want it to put that exact text (set name=c:/%num%.bat) in the file not what %num% is equal to, any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  12. I actually went there and was reading that last night and does walk you through and is very well written, still is a little confusing
  13. Now I am totally new to programing anything that messes around with networks so I have no idea libpcap and winpcap are... o well of to google and thanks for the reply
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would mind pointing me in the right direction, I am wanting to get Java to do more then just shift numbers around so I have been looking into programing simple client server applications just learn how it all works, but have not been able to break any ground. Would you guys mind point me towards a tutorial that could help me out? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a simple way to learn how java treats and handles network traffic
  15. Thanks for all the help guys, now just some info so you understand where we are: We are only there for about 2 hours everyday, it is off campus school that I go to and that is about how much time I have to mess with this, mean while my instructor can play with it all day. Secondly I myself have never done anything like this before but my instructor has done a little bit here and there and says that he really wants to do it through PXE but I don't think that we have a copy of windows server 2008 i will ask on Wensday. Lastly we have almost no budget because it is all charity work so that means we only have access what was give to us. The machines in question are about 5-6 years old and are running minimal hardware. There are 3 base machines which we are planning to clone because all of the machine we are getting are supposed to one of the 3 models
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