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ok so this idea just popped in my head but what do you guys think about this?

You know you get all these sites that got a bunch of how to's on a certain topic, well i thought why don't we have a how to section, we can put it under projects.

This way when a person does something cool or maybe needs help with something then they can post it under the how to section and each post will start off like how to "so and so" and in the post the person will write a step by step guide on how to do what ever he/she did.

In other words we can have well written step by step guides to help out in any projects that a user may want to undertake, also if a person were to google how to "whatever" then he would find a link to hak5 and that way we would get more people joining, of course we would need a new admin for the section so that would be decided by the hak5 team.

Anyways whats your peoples views on this?

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this idea is giving me some serious dejavu. hmmm. oh well.

sounds like a good idea to me

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Dejavu?why?was this idea brought up before or what?

idk lol. just had a feeling of dejavu

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It seems like a good idea because if someone is looking for help, they will most likely look in the forums rather then the wiki, plus people are more likely to write quick tutorials on the forum and it would be easier on everyone because then once a tutorial or how to gets very popular they can just sticky it and it will be easy for everyone to access.

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IMHO, tutorials would bring about more skiddies asking how to hack the Gibson. They'd figure, "Hey! There's some real 1337 haxx0r Pr0zz h3r3!!111 They'll tell meh h0w 2 hax0r mah lamez sk00l!!111!!" and then VaKo, Darren, etc. would have a hell of a time trying to get rid of all these lamers...

It just doesn't seem too good of an idea to me

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