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  1. Correction: Nobody bothers to write viruses and by the nature of it being based off of UNIX, it has very few "hacks" because of things like stack protection that help to prevent buffer overflows, etc. The USB duck hack is very unreliable on the Mac due to the fact that very little in OS X is ever in exactly the same place computer to computer (Eg. dock at the bottom but can be resized and is centre aligned so things are never in the same place except on a clean install/user.) and that you can't exactly use the menu bar to open apps, you can use spotlight but that returns different items depending what the user uses regally. I'm going to do my best to get around these issues and make the best payloads I can but don't expect this to even work as well as it does on Windows.
  2. Something I'm hopefully going to test out is embedding the teensy inside an old white apple keyboard (Because it has huge amounts of space in the back for my crappy soldering.), taking out the USB controller board and running the buttons through the teensy for key logging or activating the payload when conditions are met.
  3. Could not test it on a VM, AV blocked it as I saved it. I guess you could type it in manually, AVs are not looking for what you type, only the files.
  4. CONFIRMED, Most AVs are resistant to being killed, this is a feature not a bug. If a virus is able to kill off an AV, you would be getting hacked ALL THE TIME.
  5. Rapid fire would not work since the xbox would see it as another controler but you could get it to play games like Rock Band because they are predictable and the same everytime you play them, this is the same reason why aimbots usually have to be built into the game code itself to work.
  6. What would be even better is to disguise it as a Dell or Microsoft keyboard, they can be found almost everywhere in offices and blocking them would cause a whole load of keyboards to not work, also, nobody suspects Dell or Microsoft keyboards to be hacking them, right? :)
  7. Firstly, paragraphs, makes posts a WHOLE lot easier to read. I think using the duck to load switchblade payloads is a good idea, it would help to increase the pwnage potential of the project as a whole. The reason darren was talking about DIP switches is because whenever you add another switch to the line, the ammount of payloads you can access will increase quite a bit (There is a rule for this but I can't remember it off the top of my head.) so esentually you could have a huge list of payloads and you can choose the one that will work in a particular situation. Anyway, as for developments to come I'm planning on both making Mac payloads and a payload that when inserted into an xbox 360 will go and buy things off the xbox live marketplace while your friend goes to have a drink or even play Rock Band since we can fake USB IDs, the possibilities are wide open with this project since it can do almost anything a USB device can do (Quite a bit might I add.).
  8. Yeah, I could spend quite a bit on addons, my problem would be actually getting the teensy itself, I'm very glad you are sending these out and hope I get one so I can test my theorys on attacking OS X and OS X servers that are usually left logged in anyway (Because sysadmins usually don't think about physical security, that's the job of the security guy. ;) ). I'm planning on adding an SD card for storage and as an excuse to have it plugged in, mulitcolour LEDs to the head and tail, touch sensors on sides and top to select payloads and a reed switch so that it can be activated when nobody is looking using a hidden magnet in a watch or something. My other option is to hide it in a mouse and use the left mouse button with multicolour LEDs for payload selection then right click to activate. (The mouse would appear to be faulty as part of the social enginering aspect.) So this could go wild very quickly and I can see why you are sending the dev kits out.
  9. Ok, I could not check at the time of posting, I guess my payload writing got quite a bit easier. My current payload (Untested on duck, works when ported to AppleScript) uses spotlight to launch a terminal and create a new folder on the desktop called Pwn3d and closes, the only problem I'm facing is the time spotlight takes to return the terminal entry.
  10. Firstly, yes, that would be VERY slow to type the payload. Secondly, the part that was blocked was the auto run, there is not much stopping us from using the HID emulation to run the payload, the issue then would be reliability. Finally, 0,0 on a Mac would activate a hot corner if one was present, 1,1 is in the hit box in some resolutions on the Mac for the Apple logo, for a better result, you would need to compare the hit boxes and find a point that it will activate the menu on almost all resolutions.
  11. Now THAT is a good idea, I was just going for a few LEDs and touch sensors but that got me thinking about adding some more sensors including a sound sensor, clap to pwn anyone? You could also have a key that tells the teensy to do it's pwning but that may not fit inside the duck shell, you could, however, put it inside a staples "easy" button, fitting it inside a USB hub or a even in a real mouse.
  12. I'd like to work on an OS X version (Both client and server) because I wan to show people how insecure OS X is when it comes to physical access and because I am a total ninja on AppleScript, I made something /like/ that used a macro keyboard and came up with a dummy "driver" installer file (Because users put in their password no questions), however it required you to press the button that poped up the installer. I also came up with a theory that the duck can also do things on the xbox (Including buying stuff from xbox live or playing Rock Band by fiddling with the USB ID) but the menus are slow so it's not as invisable, I'l look into making it work with the PS3 but the 360 has keyboard support in the dashboard. Lastly I'd like to apologize for being inactive in the community for the past year, school is hard work but it's almost all over, I'l make it up to you guys.
  13. So I go and get a Fonera and I have 2 options: Pay £25 inc. P&P for a La Fonera OR Pay £37.95 inc. P&P for a La Fonera+ I am leaning towards the La Fonera because I can use the 4AA battery pack and Jasager was built for the non + La Fonera but for the extra ethernet port, is it worth the extra £12.95? (BTW. yes, it is going in a box [Don't know about a pineapple])
  14. Its not YET Jasager compatible, but it is OpenWRT compatible. I can't imagen that being the case for much longer since digitalninja is also in the UK too. On another note, DO NOT try using the 4 AA battery pack with the La Fonera+, IT WILL NOT WORK, also, DO NOT FLASH ON BATTERY (I know at least 4 people who have bricked FONs because of this.) [@Digitalninja PLEASE make it La Fonera+ compatible soon.]
  15. Time to get back to recording "THE F.L.A.I.M" then... (This episode (8) will be about the U.S retailers not shipping to the UK and the exorbitant price people pay to get computer components in the UK)
  16. After seeing this, http://www.fon.com/en/landing/FGF I thought I might start a forum thread for people buying FONs that want to get them at a very reduced price. The La Fonera + is $/€19.95 + La Fontenna is $/€9.95 (shipping not included) and you get 20 invites to send out when you REGISTER your FON (Won't work with Jasagers, etc) So I would like to kick the thread off with a request from me [PM for details]. (also, if anyone has one of the pineapples they could send me, PM me too) EDIT: Thanks, I got an invite (still need a Plastic pineapple though) EDIT2: Invites don't work in the UK, also, the FONs in the UK are WAY overpriced (anyone willing to send me one from the US, etc?)
  17. Wait... YOU DID THAT AT AN AIRPORT??? With the TSA, etc I'm surprised you did not get arrested...
  18. Can you send me one? I can't seem to find any source of these that will ship to the UK.
  19. Hey darren, Where did you get the awesome plastic pineapple? I found a few pineapples but they were either in a kids pack of plastic fruit or wax models for shops. I was thinking of doing something like gobby collaboration (segment idea) with this when I'm walking along or in a car.
  20. Yeah, its called arena game mode and, we have them on the server now
  21. Post what maps you would like to see on the map rotation for the TF2 server. Format: <Map Name> <Game Type> <Link (FPSbanana if possible)> I will try to put them all on the server, but its a community vote on what gets put in the final rotation. Current nominations: CP_Orange_X
  22. Maybe a bit noobish but I say BZFlag!!! ;)
  23. Great work! BTW: The fourms are great on my iPod touch (posting from it now as I am away atm)
  24. HA HA! PWND! <The_VB_Jedi> Perhaps we could replace all images with the hak5 logo. <-- lol
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