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  1. As I said I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit as my host OS and I seem to have fixed my problem. Turning on AMD-Virtualization in my hosts BIOS settings seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the input you both gave.
  2. For the ease of use basically. It's much easier to boot BackTrack in your main OS than having to reboot into each other every time you want to switch.
  3. Hi guys, I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on my host machine. I've installed BackTrack 4 within VirtualBox and it boots and runs suspiciously slow. The boot time is roughly 3 minutes. The specification of the host machine is 2.1GHz dual core AMD 64 processor, 3 gigs of ram and Nvidia GTS 250 GPU. I've assigned 1 gig of ram to BackTrack which should be enough. I've tried numerous Google searches to find other people with the same or similar problem but to no avail. Would the problem be that I'm using a 32 bit guest on a 64 bit host maybe? I've ran BackTrack with VirtualBox before inside Windows 7 and it has run much better. If you need more information about my set-up just ask :)
  4. Hey, I’m quite new to Linux and I need to know how I get to a different drive on Linux in the command shell. For example, if I want to run a file and specify a file for it to use that is on the sda1 drive, how do I do that? Thanks, Stanni
  5. Hey, yet again, I am experimenting with the air-crack-NG suite, love it. I have started to learn about airbase but I am finding it difficult to get much helpful info about using it. So far I know how to setup a fake AP on my wireless card but that is about it. Here are a few things I am stuck on... Firstly, I understanding I have to connect to a legitimate AP to provide internet access to the fake AP but I don't know how to do this and do I need to use a second wireless card to do this or can I do it on the same card that has the fake AP running on it? Secondly, when the above is all setup do I just send out an de-authentication attack with aireplay and the target client(s) will just reconnect to my fake AP? Thanks, Stanni
  6. stanni

    BBC botnet

    Yes, I did some Google-ing about the episode and yes they did get legal advice on whether it was OK, lots of people have said it is still illegal what they did though. But as you stated, I don't think they will get in trouble for it, they are a massive company after all, they will have great lawyers LOL.
  7. stanni

    BBC botnet

    Hey, Just watched a BBC program about hacking and security and the main topic was about bot-nets. I thought at first it would be pretty crap but they actually went and bought a bot-net themselves which contained 21,000 bots. They also showed 2 examples of what it can do, firstly by making all the bots send spam to an e-mail account they setup and secondly doing an DOS attack against a website and shutting it down. At the end though, they changed background images on the computers of all the effected owners to an image telling them what has happened and how to protect themselves against it and then destroyed the bot-net by sending a message to all the bots to remove the Trojan of the PC. If you want to watch it here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00jc...ick_14_03_2009/
  8. stanni

    Cain APR-DNS

    Nice one, thanks :)
  9. stanni

    Cain APR-DNS

    Ok guys forget my first question, I think I just figured it out. It looks to me like when a computer has been to a website before it remembers the IP and so it doesn't need to send a request to a DNS server asking it anymore. Well that sucks, first of all is this true and secondly is there a way around this? Thanks, Stanni
  10. stanni

    Cain APR-DNS

    Hey, Has anyone noticed that when you are doing an MITM attack with Cain and you use APR-DNS to redirect targets to different websites it is very buggy. I say this because it doesn’t always work. I create a redirect for both "example.com" AND "www.example.com" to go to "www.another_website.com" but most of the time it doesn’t do anything and other times it just displays "website could not be found". Does anyone know if I should be doing something differently? Thanks, Stanni
  11. stanni


    I have my card in monitor mode and I am using BT3 so I assumed it came with scapy. Also I believe it is because I am trying to get it to work on an encrypted networks. It works OK on open networks but for airodump to sniff encrypted networks it has to be in monitor mode and I can't connect to encrypted networks when I'm in monitor mode. Also can I ask what this bit of code does (whats the info in wifi-01.cap it is using)? airodump --write wifi mon0 python wifizoo.py -c wifi-01.cap Thanks, Stanni
  12. stanni


    Ok, Wireshark sees traffic that is going to and from the computer it is running on but when I view a web page on another computer it doesnt see anything. I take it we found the problem?
  13. stanni


    Erm no I just connected to the network, I thought that was enough. I can see I am going to look stupid in a minute :s
  14. stanni


    Hey, I've wanted to have a play with wifizoo for a while and I have just got around to doing so, but I’m having some problems. All I have done is connect to the network and fired up wifizoo with this command: ./wifizoo.py -i eth1 It then "initialises" and I can then view the local webpage for it at "". But the problem is it won’t capture anything. In the web browser it always says "No information was captured yet" and on the shell window it is not displaying any information either. Have I missed something? Thanks, Stanni
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