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  1. Then you're a script-kiddie and not a hacker?!
  2. You need something like "Beginner's guide to embedded electronics"...
  3. Well, you get a proto board, solder it in, attach wires, connect them to teensy and program it to use it.
  4. And, disguised as a ducky, with a speaker soldered on, can play the rubber ducky song!
  5. I know, I was joking. Well, you can always use keyboard shortcuts. Although I doubt Mac OS X is very keyboard friendly.
  6. Those teensy tiny particles of silica from the volcano are stopping your Teensy.
  7. Or, even better: Open the run box, type iexplore http://attacksite.com
  8. You also are forgetting the cost of Blue LEDs. They are essential.
  9. It makes it entirely useless. That's how it "would effect the use of it as development". As the serial converter chip, well, it appears as a serial COM port, and you need custom drivers for it. If this was a MIDI Ducky, it'd be handy. But not for anything we want. Perhaps the Arduino could do USB, with a custom USB port hooked up to the pins, but I somehow doubt if the Arduino's Serial IO mode is fast enough.
  10. Removed, noob question already answered: http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16236
  11. Uh.... You can't have multiple echo commands in a line. And as I stated earlier, "echo something >dl.vbs" is less efficient than just copy con.
  12. So, Apple products don't get viruses? It seems they get duckies.
  13. Oh those weird random-letter-no-longer-works bugs... I HATE THEM
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