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  1. can we get TShark installed on the Pinapple's? is that possible?
  2. Hi Seb, Thanks for the information. I will re-flash and test again tonight. Cheers, b0bb3r5
  3. Hey there guys, Ran into a issue when trying to start Karma in the web interface, it looked as if it was running the first time however I have not been successful since then capturing "Victem's" with karma which made me suspicious that it was somehow broken. I popped into shell (ssh) and tried to figure out the issue, Here is what I know: OPKG does not recognize that Karma is installed. root@Pineapple:/etc# opkg remove karma No packages removed. root@Pineapple:/etc# OPKG is having an dependency issue involving the kernel (as far as i can tell) root@Pineapple:~# opkg install karma
  4. Hello all, back from the dead. I recently purchased a ducky and was inspired by the Queen Marry's, (the large ship not to be mistaken with the dead lady) "Virtually Stolen" business cards that are left out on guest's "At Risk" devices such as unattended computers. The following script simply forces a full screen web browser (whatever is the default) to display a message warning users to not leave their computers untended and unlocked. I have tested this script on windows 8, and 7 but there should be no problem with it running on XP as well. REM Virtually Stolen Script, Informing Use
  5. http://symlink.dk/projects/c64key/ seems very promising
  6. i have finally got an order out for a ducky and will be following up on some code i have been writing if i succeed i will post it in the weeks to come.
  7. sweet I cant w8 to look at it! skool blocked the keyword .zip
  8. A highlighter? http://www.instructables.com/id/High-Light-Mod/ maybe a big eraser? http://www.instructables.com/id/Pink-Eraser-USB-Flash-Drive/ oh this is a good one as well although i dont know if it would fit unless you did a little modification http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-Thumb-...Mod-Pocket-Siz/
  9. Hey great stuff! I modified the [OSX] code to login to twitter and cut down on the un-necessary light blinking (cause i felt like it) tell me what you think! Please comment if I made a mistake im new to the Teensy and want to learn from my mistakes. [OSX] Twitter poster EDIT: whenever I add my code to the Codebox other text is being added so im going to upload in as picture P.S this is Your code Edited by myself. I take no credit for the original code and don't want you to take credit for the mistakes I might have made EDIT: Anyone? I need some feedback plz! thanks.
  10. ok i understand that thanks a bunch andrew!
  11. Ah yes, Thanks for bringing that up. On that note do you know if that would effect the use of it as development? And also would there be a way to change that? (remove the Arduino from the board and load a library or something)
  12. The Usb key-logging device can be used for white hat purposes for instance Administration of a company who doesn't want there programmers to be messing around on the internet/etc and don't trust a "program" key logger because ... well they are programmers. :) Another good use for them could be watching network trafic using the wifi addition suggestion in the post http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16290 made by sirpoonga. It might be a way to keep an eye on a network when you don't have a personal computer. I don't know what you could see possibly look for port scans or so
  13. ok well im still open to the idea (I haven't fully explored it fully quite yet) but what would it take to add a Female USB port and Log between the keyboard and the computer?
  14. The teensy can read what is inputted into the computer correct? what is stopping it from logging the keystrokes, mouse clicks, and visited websites,.....etc? I am not a "strong" coder but I would be interested to help Develop something along these lines. (purely for the sake of seeing if it can be done) Also how could it store said information? would it send it to a server via the internet? logged to the micro SD/ SD card? Could it log the keystrokes while someone typed in the password for the Bios? What other interesting information could it log? Added note: I was thinkin
  15. also does this stop the use of the arduino sending commands to the computer?
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