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  1. I would take more of a RTTY approach. RTTY is radio teletype common used on ham radio. In case you didn't know, tty is use to send text over serial, which would be an easy way to tell the ducky commands. What I have done so far is strip an old headset wire, then solder on leads and plug them into the breadboard with my teensy. Both mic and audio ground to ground. The mic lead then goes to TX aka transmitting. And both audio leads (L&R) into the RX aka receiving. Then compile the teensy with teensyduino as a usb serial device (not keyboard/mouse). AFAIK this should work. I am s
  2. I am not currently developing for the ducky so I do not have code to present, but I would like to point out how communication between pc and ducky is available. http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ASCIITable http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SerialCallResponse http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SwitchCase2 http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_serial.html Those are just a few examples of serial communication. As for the computer side of the code, I have not looked far into. It is possible to receive and send serial commands through the arduino developers kit. It would be simple to run a script, with
  3. Thinking about it more, a simple 2 way switch would suffice. Since the 3 primary target would be Linux, Mac, and Windows. I don't think very many people use BSD or Solaris. Linux is also out of the picture because it is so protected under Super User privileges. Also I wouldn't want to exploit anything open source; it just doesn't seem right. So a Mac vs Pc switch would work. Also Macs are very distinguishable by there casing.
  4. http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=securit...eystroke-dongle I found this link on teensy's website and found it interesting. At schmoocon 2010 the ducky was called a "phantom keystroker" E/ It was also given this acronym.
  5. It is not like a Ps/2 keyboard, since it is usb it has few limitations. Communication seems pretty easy. It would be a good idea to check the source code of teensy loader and teensyduino to see how it communicates naturally. (I am thinking that teensy is an open source project)
  6. You would not have to do this. It would be as simple as connecting talk a usb femal connector and soldering the wire to the appropriate connection on the teensy. 5v to 5v, ground to ground, and each data wire to an I/O. Then plugging the usb keyboard into the female slot. Then some programming ofc.
  7. It would be very simple to use the ducky as an interceptor of the keyboard by connecting the keyboard to the teensy and then the teensy to the pc. Then you could program the teensy to search all key presses, and have certain combo activate payloads. Other nonregistered key presses would then be forwarded to the computer.
  8. I am basically making this thread to compile a list of ideas I have had for this ducky and to share them with the community. 1 Key-Press Interceptor Ducky The basic idea would be to use the Ducky as a HID for the keyboard, then hook the keyboard into the ducky. Then you could use the ducky to log keys, and even make the ducky perform certain tasks by key-press combos or typing particular hot words into the keyboard. Then you could have the ducky email the logs after like an 20 minutes of keyboard idle time. 2 Brute force 3 Make the Ducky dual as HID and a Mass storage device. This
  9. I found something that would add that will increase your range immensely. (3-5 kM) And incredibly cheap too. It is known as wifry, wokfi, etc. Essentially you use asian cookware to magnify the wifi signal, similar to a satellite dish. Info here: http://www.usbwifi.orconhosting.net.nz/ http://www.instructables.com/id/%22Poorman...-cookware-refl/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WokFi
  10. I received everything in the mail today. Time to get to work. Also, I start school again tomorrow
  11. One more thing is that on day you said you sprayed the axles with wd40. From my experience dw40 is a terrible lubricant and does more harm than good. So I suggest that you get some axle lubricant from the store.
  12. My online orders should be in by monday.
  13. Today online I ordered the teensy++ w/ pins and the ad5206br10, it was the only on in stock everywhere on the internet.
  14. The online schematic was just an example. I can clearly see the plus and minus of the buttons and pots just by looking at the controller circuit board, but if all else fails I also picked up a multimeter at radio shack. As for ethics, xbox gaming is full of cheating. It is hard to find a ranked halo 3 match where someone doesn't lag cheat. DDOSing is another large influence on xbox live and phishing attempts, offering free membership and microsoft point, are rampant. Not to mentions the numerous pros' accounts "hacked." I thought you would have been aware of this, since you are an "XBOX 360
  15. I have disassemble a wireless xbox 360 controller and intend on using digital switches(transistors), a micro controller(teensy++), and a digital potentiometer(as5206BN10) to create a fully functional xbox 360 bot. As far as I know, I may be the first to attempt this idea. Although I have seen 2 similar attempts online, such as: an guitar hero bot which only utilized 5 buttons, and another bot which pressed the button. The purpose of this bot as of now is to ban, yes ban, xbox live accounts. I am not currently releasing the method of how I am going ban accounts to the public. Maybe at a lat
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