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  1. I ment the London meet-up, not the BenchTec meet you were talking about
  2. I've been planning to come since talks first arose, I just never come on the forums, more of an irc lad myself, but anyways, Moonlit and myself were looking at some Hostels in london, I'm sure if you ask him nicely enough, he can post the links to the ones he was looking at.
  3. You have posted this in the #hak5 section, which is for IRC matters only. I'm sure a moderator can move this to the right place <nudge>Moonlit, VaKo </nudge>
  4. The information for the lan party is located here - http://hak5lan.squarespace.com/
  5. Darren, Pick a time, Pick a place, and I'll own yo' ass so fast, it'll feel like your 19th birthday. Yours~ Joeeigel
  6. Just GG and zombie Mod I never thought of doing themed weeks. Great Idea, this will probably beimplimented, along with some other goodies/give aways.
  7. Joeeigel


    Lan parties come and go, The games are switched from lan to lan, There might be another one in the future, as this was the second or third one. If you wait, or pester darren enough, it will come. (I recomend waiting, they have msot things planned)
  8. Good luck on the Hak5 Community servers! Hope to see some nice custom content sometime soon :D! Hopefully this will help attract more people and keep it populated.

  9. Nobody said I was bored at anything, And I am trying. I have to get the TF2 server set up in time for the lap party. I am ignoring those two mods as I said, not our entire community is big on heavy mods, and might just be in the mood for some point an click, instead of some "ohh great, another new gun" action of Gun game.
  10. Thanks, Apart from the rambling by you two, I have been taking all posts into account. I am currently more focused on our TF2 server due to the upcoming lan, after this I will put alot mroe attention into the CS:S server, and then treat them both equaly. GG maps will be coming Surf will be coming FY maps, coming AIM maps, coming. GG Mod will not be coming because - It takes skill to be good at it, something not all of us have in FPS games ,we are palying for kicks Zombie Mod will not be coming because - Well, The same reason.
  11. Stumbled. Thanks for the laugh. But remember:
  12. CP_Orange_X Control Point http://www.fangelz.com/cp_orange_x.zip
  13. Who the hell would play CS:S on a psp...
  14. In this post, I will add Current maps and mods, as well as rejected Maps and mods. Please check here before posting. Current Maps: aim_ak-colt_v2 aim_ak-colt_v3 aim_akm4ruins2 aim_badneighbors aim_cbble aim_depot_beta01 aim_map_duelies aim_map_source aim_shotgun3 aim_tmp aim_usp_v2 ar_cbq awp_war bada_aztec cs_assault_lith cs_assault_mini cs_assault_ren cs_crackhouse cs_havana_fixed2 cs_lanpartymayhem de_assault_v1 de_bridge_b2 de_desktop de_inferno de_inferno_s_v2 de_officesiege de_prodigy de_rats de_speedball_b2 dm_assault_v1 dm_bloodbath fy_dustdm fy_hot_dust_war fy_iceworld_css Fy_MM_IceWorld fy_pool_day_css puf_deagle_warehouse puf_deagle_warehouse sj_dust2 sj_dustland surf_deathwish4real_final ----------------- Current Mods: MetaMod --SourceMod ---- NoBlock ---- TeamBets ---- 1v1 Knife fights ---- Auto Name ----------------- Rejected Maps: ----------------- Rejected Mods: GunGame Zombie Mod -----------------
  15. Well, I am now managing the CSS server and I have FTP access to the TF2 server, yet, I still feel empty inside. Why? Because of the lack of fun maps. My question to you, the hak.5 community is simple. What maps/mods do you guys want to see? Please format your answers like the following: Map format: Map Name Game (CS:S/TF2) Small discription and if possible, A link. Mod Format: Mod name Game Requirements the server must have (EG. Metamod) What it does And if possible, A link. Thanks for reading. Enjoy, Have fun. Hit me up on IRC if you need any help with the server.
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