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  1. Hey @Darren Kitchen has the MKVII module made it out of design yet?
  2. New updated video has been added. Major quality improvements.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm super excited to have finally received my WiFi Pineapple MKVII. While I work on updated all of my guides on the Hak5 Community forums feel free to take a look at my video if you're on the fence about a purchase.
  4. Hi Cursor, Please reference this guide. It's specifically made for Ubuntu.
  5. Perform a factory reset. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery
  6. Here's a couple examples. Command Copy file from remote host to local host. scp [user]@[host]:[path] [path] Copy file from local host to remote host. scp [path] [user]@[host]:[path] Copy file from remote host to remote host. scp [user]@[host]:[path] [user]@<host>:<path> Example Running the command (remote to local). scp user@ /path/to/save.txt Running the command (local to remote). scp /file/to/copy.txt user@ Running the command (remote to remote). scp user@123.
  7. Hey Semaj, Are you running the script as a service (systemD)?
  8. I think it's time you start taking dumps to see where it's getting held up. I only work with AWS/GCP so my expertise ends here. Sorry!
  9. Hey Shanimal, So Google Cloud Platform (GCP) uses two sets of firewalls by default. The VM's firewall, and the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) firewall. In order to host Cloud C2 you will need to adjust your VPC firewalls rules through the VPC > Firewall tool. You should have something set like this below... You will create a network tag to apply to the VM of your choosing. Add/Remove ports as needed. If you want some hands on assistance just send me a message.
  10. Hi netfoo, Certbot will need 80 (can use 443, but not if invalidated) to validate certificates. -VB
  11. Hi Grover, Which service are you attempting to run (e.g. community-linux-64, etc)? -VB
  12. Hey netfoo, By default certbot will autorenew your certificates if it can reach out to the internet. -VB
  13. Hey Nashie, If you haven't set your service to run constantly (through systemD, etc) every time you exit the terminal, or exit the service will terminate. Please set up your service through systemD. -VB
  14. Hey Killrow_89, I'd recommend just using an IP instead of c2.test unless you've properly configured your hosts file (remember... DNS). -VB
  15. Hi Beadan, Please ensure that port 2022 is open. -VB
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