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  1. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot. ?
  2. I have absolutely the same problem, it would be interesting to know someone's opinion on this matter.
  3. I do not trust cloud storages at all. I think there is always the possibility that someone will steal your data, but nobody would like that.
  4. Wow, thank you very much. That's what I was looking for.
  5. I think Keepass is the safest. Do not you think the online store is suspicious? There is always a chance that someone will be able to steal your data.
  6. I wanted to know if VPN Hotspot Shield for torrents would work for me? It's just that Hotspot Shield is doing well for other purposes. Maybe someone used it? This VPN is free, so I have some doubts.
  7. I agree with you. Indeed, it is necessary to start from the very beginning, then you will become a really good specialist. And this happens with any activity. If you start with the basics, then achieve much greater results.
  8. And how to be sure of the safety of your personal files / documents? Can I somehow protect my AirDrop?
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