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  1. Can AirDrop be used to hack you? let's say that there is a "creative coder" (hacker) on one end of an AirDrop and an iPhone on the other could the hacker send a picture, video or file with some harmful code on it. Would this be a more modern version of bluejacking after all AirDrop does use Bluetooth? While if you have your airdrop turned off completely. But if your air drops on contacts only you would also think that you would be fine because it's not like your friends are going to try to hack you (well most people friends ours might) even on contacts only this is still a huge risk. Le
  2. For me, its always been the button. Hope this helps.
  3. The Pineapple Stand Project This is a project I would like help on if I'm being honest more like a need help on. Please excuse any grammatical or spelling errors. Grammar and spelling are not my best area and I am only 14. A bit of background: I got the WIFI adapter sold from the hak5 shop and it works great for a person or two, but I needed something faster. So, I started watching some hak5 videos and saw WIFI adapters were amazing. The hak5 videos that got me thinking if you could do that with a wifi adapter not built for hacking what could you do with one that was
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