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Found 2 results

  1. Can AirDrop be used to hack you? let's say that there is a "creative coder" (hacker) on one end of an AirDrop and an iPhone on the other could the hacker send a picture, video or file with some harmful code on it. Would this be a more modern version of bluejacking after all AirDrop does use Bluetooth? While if you have your airdrop turned off completely. But if your air drops on contacts only you would also think that you would be fine because it's not like your friends are going to try to hack you (well most people friends ours might) even on contacts only this is still a huge risk. Let me use an example out of a 100 people only 1 has airdrop on everyone his name is Bob so Bob gets hacked that not a really big deal but then Bob's phone starts airdropping to all his contacts and everyone near him with airdrop on everyone. And this same cycle happens, again and again, It's the weak link bob that got everyone infected even if they where on contacts only.
  2. So I've had my Pineapple for a few days and started to learn the in's and outs of the MKV. I'm quite comfortable with using Karma and the other features, but would like to take it to the next step, by going out and doing deauth attacks.... In an early edition of HAK5 Darren Kitchen had an airport challenge where he was using Karma with a newish feature (at the time) called airdrop-ng, he showed an example of it, and looked easy to use. It dosnt seem to be on the MKV, however the aireplay-ng feature is. I've come across aireplay-ng but never used it. My question is, are these the same feature and how effective is the aireplay-ng command. Also is it possible to get the airdrop-ng command on the MKV. Thanks
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